Rotacaster Wheel Ltd

Think about the wheel… moving backwards and forwards… now imagine the unthinkable… a floor wheel that can move independently in all directions. Inspired by a biblical reference in the first chapter of Ezekiel that describes “a wheel in the middle of a wheel” in 1990 Henry Guile began investigating the creation of a wheel with unlimited movement potential. Henry continued experimenting for many years but his dream was never realised. Ten years after those initial experiments, Henry’s son Graham revisited his father’s early work. After two years of re-engineering trials and a determination to crack the invention, Graham finally designed the Rotacaster wheel of today. Launched in 2005, the final design was an engineering feat that revolutionised the very nature of the wheel The Rotacaster Wheel, an omni directional, multi-purpose wheel with unrivalled manoeuvrability, unlimited potential and one of the only alternatives to the traditional floor swivel castor. Realising the wheel’s potential to make life quicker, easier and safer across a broad range of applications, in 2008 Rotacaster hit the market with a series of manual handling products.