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Financial Services Careers Throughout Asia

LogoThe Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), recently unveiled its 2021 economic forecast – envisaging real GDP growth of around 3.5%. Moreover, throughout Hong Kong and, more broadly North Asia additional opportunities are also on the horizon. Mainland China has given clear signals indicating its interest in opening a key financial services sector to foreign investment. One example of this is China's wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) rules, allowing foreign investors to further capitalise on growing investor demand. But what does this mean for financial services careers in Hong Kong? As leading recruitment specialists within this field, Selby Jennings predict that this WFOE will yield results across several international banks within Hong Kong which will seize on the opportunity to take either a majority share or a wholly owned stake in their onshore China securities and asset management businesses.

Corporate and Investment Banking Careers in Hong Kong

LogoOne key takeaway from 2020 is that change is and continues to be the new constant, and when it comes to countries such as Hong Kong, this type of change should help create the birth of a new global power centre. As we look ahead into 2021 and beyond Hong Kong looks perfectly placed to become an international business and financial hub with high-speed communications, free flowing information and capital, and a low and simple tax system. From wealth management to fintech, a raft of new initiatives are all set to strengthen Hong Kong's role as an international financial centre.

Financial Services Careers in Hong Kong

LogoDespite the pandemic Hong Kong still remains a vital hub when it comes to financial services careers. As China still has a vast shortage of executives with the specific backgrounds or experience to manage funds or run businesses for foreign firms, it has resulted in Hong Kong remaining as an important focus in terms of the mind-set of many asset managers who will want to grow their business in China.

Financial Services and Investment Banking Jobs in Hong Kong – Extraordinary Opportunities Available for Economic Recovery

Logo2020 marked an eventful year which saw some of the toughest social, economical and political challenges in recent times. But as we embark upon a new year eyes are fixed on emerging markets and the Asia region looks on track to reopen.

Financial Services Recruitment in Hong Kong - Fantastic Opportunities Available in Hong Kong and Across Asia

LogoAs we head towards the holidays and the new year is fast approaching, many businesses are looking to lock down talented professionals before the year ends. There are exciting opportunities for financial services professionals who are searching for their next career move in the financial services industry in Hong Kong.

Investment Banking Careers in HK - a Wealth of Opportunity in HK and China for Bright-Minded Professionals

LogoCorporate and investment banking professionals play a vital role in ensuring Hong Kong’s economy remains in the red and out of the black. Without the sector we would be unable to deposit, invest and borrow money. Businesses across Hong Kong and Asia rely on investment banks to succeed. Banks, insurers and asset managers are on the hunt for bright-minded professionals who can take on a role with immense career growth opportunities and challenges.

Corporate & Investment Banking Careers Hong Kong – A Fantastic Location to Work at the Forefront of the Chinese Investment Markets

LogoA career in corporate and investment banking involves working with a wide range of companies and clients from small start-ups to global powerhouses. You will have the opportunity to advise Hong Kong citizens on the best way to invest their money and help them achieve the financial goals they have dreamed of.

Financial Services Recruitment Hong Kong – A Wealth of Opportunity for the Right Professionals

LogoLook no further than Selby Jennings for all your recruitment needs for the financial services industry in Hong Kong.

Corporate & Investment Banking Careers in Hong Kong – Increases in Corporate Lending Have Seen a Rise in Recruitment for Banking Professionals

LogoCorporate & investment banking is a career of great privilege and reward; it is one of which professionals in the sector can make immense financial impacts for companies of all sizes from agile start-ups to global powerhouses. Hong Kong’s banks, insurers and investment managers are looking for the brightest minds in the banking sector to keep Hong Kong’s economy in the black and out of the red.

Financial Services Recruitment in Hong Kong – An Enticing Location for the Brightest Minds in the Finance Sector

LogoSelby Jennings is the leading specialist recruiter for the financial services in Hong Kong. Their expert consultants have local knowledge of Hong Kong’s economic landscape and have an in-depth understanding of the disruptions the territory has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.