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Hong Kong Stocks Outperform Their Chinese Equivalents

LogoThe future looks bright for Hong Kong listed technology stocks, as they are currently on track to leave their mainland China counterparts for dust. Investors are being attracted to easing regulatory issues as well as cheaper valuations and the result is that HK tech stocks are outperforming China equivalents at a higher level than any time in the past three years. The Hang Seng Tech Index jumped by 10% in October while the ChiNet Index saw a gain of just 1.2%. Quantitative strategists across the world have already started to pick up that China's growth stocks are now very reasonably valued.

4 out of 5 APAC Banks Have Seen Their Fraud Losses Increase

LogoThe costs of financial crime continue to rise globally and it often falls to institutions in the banking and financial services sector to bear the brunt of the financial loss. Fraudulent transactions at financial industry organisations can have a huge impact on everything, from business continuity to reputation and share price, whether that fraud is internal or external. Not only that but fraud is on the rise thanks to the wide range of availability of near-instant payment platforms.

Nordic Asset Management's New Asia Pacific Hub

LogoNordic Asset Management is opening a new ESG hub that is designed to service the Asia Pacific region. The firm's new venture will be its first based outside of its regular Nordic headquarters and is intended to allow Nordic to get closer to clients in this part of the world. The new hub will be made up of a group of ESG analysts, all of whom are going to be hired from a pool of local talent and integrated into the Nordics-based RI asset management team.

Digital Currency Opportunities and the E-HKD

LogoA national digital currency has been the theme for many countries in recent months and Hong Kong has now taken the first steps towards making this a reality. The Hong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has issued a whitepaper on the e-HKD looking at the design options and the architecture that could be put in place to make this happen. HKMA made it clear that the whitepaper is not a decision to launch a digital currency but to look into what might be required to bring it into being.

Does Automation Offer Realistic Support to Wealth Management Professionals

LogoTechnology is changing the way that businesses and economies function and that applies across the board today. Wall Street banks are the latest to make moves towards a more tech-driven future by accelerating efforts to use automation to take the "grunt work" out of the hands of juniors.

Integrating International and Regional Compliance in Hong Kong

LogoCompliance is a necessity that is globally recognised and there are plenty of internationally accepted definitions of what it really means for businesses to be compliant. However, a unique set of challenges exists for those working within global organisations who also need to be aware of, and on top of, what is happening on local and regional levels within the business. This is when the issue of compliance often shifts from being less about law and regulation and much more about an enterprise's compliance culture and how this topic should be approached on an organisation-wide level.

Citigroup Establishes Investment Banking and Trading Operations in China

LogoInvestment banking developments in China & Hong Kong have expanded exponentially in recent times, as the world's second largest economy has opened up its financial markets. One of those looking to shift focus in the region is Citigroup, which has already begun to move away from retail banking in this part of the world in order to focus on investment banking. Citigroup Inc is driving ahead with plans to establish fresh investment banking and trading operations in China.

Foreign Currency Bond Worries for Airline Industry Investors

LogoThe airline industry has been on the frontline of the impact of COVID-19 with carriers - and investors - really feeling the effects of a world that has largely shut its borders over the past 12 months. Now there are signs of trouble for investors in Cathay Pacific's foreign-currency bonds, as prices drop.

PBOC Sanctions to Ensure Fintech Develops in a Healthy Way

LogoFintech has been a significant growth area and has exciting potential for those pursuing financial services careers in Hong Kong. However, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) is currently taking steps to rein in the monopolistic behaviour that many fintech firms have been displaying. Most recently, Jack Ma's Ant Group has been on the receiving end of sanctions from the PBOC. According to the central bank, Ant Group is not the only offender as many other mobile payment companies have breached anti-monopoly laws and the PBOC intends to take action against them.

Investment Banking Developments in China & Hong Kong

LogoClean energy is having a big impact on many industries, including banking and financial services. One of the key investment banking developments in China & Hong Kong is the remodeling of sectors such as natural resources, metals and mining, as banks look to take steps towards better serving the sustainability needs of their corporate clients.