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Corporate & Investment Banking Careers in Hong Kong – Increases in Corporate Lending Have Seen a Rise in Recruitment for Banking Professionals

LogoCorporate & investment banking is a career of great privilege and reward; it is one of which professionals in the sector can make immense financial impacts for companies of all sizes from agile start-ups to global powerhouses. Hong Kong’s banks, insurers and investment managers are looking for the brightest minds in the banking sector to keep Hong Kong’s economy in the black and out of the red.

Financial Services Recruitment in Hong Kong – An Enticing Location for the Brightest Minds in the Finance Sector

LogoSelby Jennings is the leading specialist recruiter for the financial services in Hong Kong. Their expert consultants have local knowledge of Hong Kong’s economic landscape and have an in-depth understanding of the disruptions the territory has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Financial Services Recruitment Hong Kong – Turbulent Times Are Calling for Reliable, Smart Thinkers to Join the Financial Services Sector in HK

LogoHong Kong has seen a shift in the economic landscape over the past few months to a year. With radical innovation, growing competition and continually changing regulations the disruption faced by Hong Kong's finance sector have recently faced risks with potentially large impacts. Hong Kong is a leading force in the financial services industry worldwide, therefore banks, insurers and asset managers are looking for the brightest minds of finance professionals to secure positions within the industry to move it forward with confidence and a provide a long lasting impact. Selby Jennings have over 750 employees with expertise in over 60 countries worldwide and a base of 11+ office locations. Their ability to ensure confidence in their hiring procedures is one aspect of the financial services industry which Hong Kong professionals can rely on.

Financial Services Recruitment Hong Kong – Flexibility and Excitement in the Workplace

LogoThe financial sectors in Hong Kong have changed in recent times as a new set of challenges have been rolling their way in the recent months. Despite the change in regulations and new technology paired with the difficulty of a global pandemic such as COVID-19, Hong Kong has been determined to remain strong. The region has grappled with transformative technologies and fast-growing markets despite having battled with radical innovation and competition. Opportunities have been met with risk which has made it so vital for Selby Jennings to secure the right people to allow Hong Kong’s economy to develop with confidence and continue to grow. Selby Jennings have led the way for financial services recruitment since 2004, helping clients solve the number one challenge: talent.

Financial Services Jobs in Hong Kong – Transforming Recruitment for the New Normal

LogoHong Kong’s financial sector is an innovative space where disruption has been constant in recent times, whether as a result of changes in regulation or the influence of technology. COVID-19 has created an additional set of challenges that have required an intuitive and insightful approach to team building, driven by the recognition that it’s the people within the business that determine its resilience in the long term.

Quant Careers – Supporting the Progress of Brilliant Minds

LogoThe investment industry has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years thanks to the growth of quants. Selby Jennings HK specialises in supporting the career development of brilliant minds able to use mathematical models to price securities, generate profits and reduce risk, as well as partnering with organisations looking to harness this kind of talent. Quants careers are vibrant in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long Kau Hui as this part of the financial services sector continues to evolve and begins to dominate trading operations in most major financial centres.

Financial Services Jobs in Hong Kong – Teambuilding Embeds Resilience

LogoTalent remains the number one challenge for many businesses today. In the Hong Kong financial services sector, as well as locations across the region, finding the right people to see a firm through tough times is key. Teambuilding embeds resilience and provides the resources to ensure that opportunities for growth can be grasped with both hands. Selby Jennings HK partners with businesses across the Hong Kong area, including in locations such as Kowloon, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long Kau Hui. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that there is a steady flow of talent to the organisations where this is needed most.

Quant Careers – Calling All Exceptionally Bright Minds

LogoQuant careers represent a burgeoning part of the financial services industry in Hong Kong and a huge opportunity for those who have the right skills and abilities. As the nature of trading has changed in recent years there is now increased demand for those who are able to work with mathematical models to price securities, generate profits and reduce risk. This data-driven approach to the financial markets continues to gather pace and there are exciting opportunities for talented individuals and the organisations that are able to provide them with the space to thrive. As a result, in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long Kau Hui there are many roles for those with an interest in quants.

Transformative Technologies Used by Selby Jennings Are Shifting the Way That Business Is Handled Today with Financial Services Jobs in Hong Kong

LogoTalent is the key challenge for every organisation in the financial services sector today. And for individuals there may be many different obstacles that stand in the way of following the right career path. As a leading specialist recruiter to the financial services industry Selby Jennings is redefining recruitment for candidates and corporations and opening up key channels through which productive and mutually beneficial relationships can begin. As the world's third-leading financial centre Hong Kong remains a key destination for financial services jobs, from Hong Kong central to Kowloon, Yuen Long Kau Hui and Tsuen Wan.

Selby Jennings Are Demonstrating New Horizons of Data Driven Trading with Their Quant Careers

LogoHong Kong is one of the world's major financial centres and, as a result, is a thriving location for quant careers. New horizons of data-driven trading have meant that there are exciting opportunities for individuals keen to make their mark on the financial services industry through the use of mathematical models. There is huge demand for those who have these skills today to apply them to price securities, generate profits and reduce risk. Many enterprises within the financial services industry are looking to attract those who are keen to define stellar quant careers in order to maintain the competitive advantage that this type of skill set can bring.