SmartKarrot Inc.

SmartKarrot Inc. Announces Extended Angel Round Fundraising Completion to the Tune of $1M+

LogoInvestors have once again identified the potential in SmartKarrot Inc., resulting in the successful completion of another angel round of fundraising. The software company received an additional $1M+ for their subscription-driven go-to resource for digital-led enterprises and B2B businesses. Focused on customer retention and expansion, SmartKarrot provides organizations with the ability to combine customer intelligence, smart workflows, and automated actions. Customer success teams need to tread the fine line between onboarding, adoption, engagement, and reducing churn. SmartKarrot enables achieving these outcomes using augmented intelligence (AI), hyper-personalization, and extensive automation.

SmartKarrot Announces That Their Customer & Product Success Platform Has Completed $1 Million Angel Round

LogoWith extensive tools connecting deep customer insights to automated actions, a newly launched platform receives seed money to help their clients’ businesses grow.