Make Underwater Photos Better

Photographers who enjoy recording a view above and under the water in the same frame are often frustrated trying to get the quality they want. The Split Dome Port is a housing for a Go-Pro Camera enabling a half-half photo with great results. The Go-Pro Camera with its wide-angle lens can capture a big part of the world a photographer sees; but when it comes to shooting images that extend from under the sea to the sun above, there is a problem. It is really hard to get the waterline in the middle of the small Go-Pro lens even if the water is totally still. If it isn't, there is no chance. The inventive staff at SplitGadgets realized that a special housing could produce cool over-under water photos. These housings already existed, but they cost hundreds of dollars which did not make sense because the housing itself is not overly complicated. SplitGadgets decided to produce its own dome housing, an affordable one for photographers who love to achieve the split photo effects.