SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats Cultivate the New Concept of Slow Travel

LogoNewness is essentially what every traveler craves when booking a far-flung trip, from unique experiences and cultures to diverse flavors and people. SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats are honing in on the new, and ensuring their wellness retreats are not only based on experience, but also the ever-expanding concept of slow travel. "Traveling can be frantic and we are reminding our guests it doesn't have to be - we will connect you with nature, provide a sense of place, slow your mindset, and ensure you return home vitally renewed." says SwellWomen's Chief Executive of Bliss, Lulu Agan. And to keep it exciting, SwellWomen is expanding to the powdery white beaches of Tulum, Mexico starting May 2016 featuring a yoga-intensive retreat with renowned instructor Caroline Wybar. Tulum is a Caribbean-chic yet naturally wondrous destination atop the minds of many adventure and wellness junkies this year.

SwellWomen Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreats Spark Global Romance

LogoWellness is now top of mind for the modern traveler, which is music to the ears of leading surf and yoga retreat outfitters SwellWomen. Wellness has been the intuitive fabric of their mission for over a decade and now they are upping the ante. "We thought why not hand-pick three new exciting destinations, energize romance and get creative in the kitchen," says SwellWomen's Chief Executive of Bliss, Lulu Agan. Unsurprisingly a private chef to the rich and famous, Agan has menus mapped that will entice the health-conscious foodie without skimping on dessert. The first retreat in Nicaragua this past April rolled out their first raw food course with a renowned nutritionist and menu featuring pineapple-passion fruit carpaccio, crisp crudité rolls wrapped in coconut paper with miso cashew dipping sauce, and a divine chocolate-avocado mousse. Not to mention fresh lobster lifted out of the sea to the dinner table perched above the tide.

Swellwomen's Surf and Yoga Retreats Bring Experiential Luxury to Beaches of Nicaragua

LogoGiving women every reason to disconnect and find solace on pristine beaches, SwellWomen just upped the ante with a new, trendy destination on the map. Already a ten­year success story on the island of Maui, the company now broadens its reach to Nicaragua, recently touted "The New Costa Rica" by USA Today and featured fourth in Lonely Planet's "Best in Travel 2015." With SwellWomen's continued approach to wellness, Owner Lulu Agan is thrilled to offer a unique, experiential luxury retreat in Nicaragua catering to a new wave of women seeking a deeper adventure.