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Smart Robots Market Is Projected to Grow at a Healthy CAGR During 2015 - 2021

LogoSmart robot is an artificial intelligent system which is designed to carry out different operations without direct human involvement. Smart robots are generating subsequent demand from industrial as well as service verticals. Smart robots are being designed to perform independent tasks for various industrial, professional, and personal service applications.

Fire Sensors and Detectors Market Expected to Register High Revenue Growth Through 2021

LogoFire sensors and detectors are designed to detect and respond to the presence of a fire or smoke in the areas. Fire sensor and detector system has the property to sense radiations coming out fire. Fire sensors and detectors are security systems that provide protection against fire. Fire sensor and detector systems integrate a variety of technology such as gas detection and smoke sensing technology, which help to speedup response time. There are different types of fire sensors and detectors such as carbon monoxide and smoke sensors that provide early fire warnings.

Atomic Layer Deposition Market Is Expected to Rise at a Remarkable CAGR During 2015 to 2021

LogoAtomic layer deposition (ALD) is a thin layer deposition process that is based on the chronological exploitation of a gas phase chemical course. ALD is considered a subclass of chemical vapor deposition. The majority of ALD reactions use two chemicals, usually called precursors. ALD is mostly used to produce competent semiconductors. Nanotechnology, microelectronics, electronic displays, optical data storage devices, electronic components, and the bio-medical field are the key applications of atomic layer disposition market.

Audio Communication Monitoring Market Is Expected to Experience Immense Growth During 2015 - 2021

LogoAudio communication monitoring system provides automatic monitoring of recorded audio. The recorded audio is further exploit by the enterprises and call centers for the compliance purpose, speech analysis and transcriptions. This system is very beneficial for reducing the risk and compliance management. Keeping track on criminal and terrorist activities is now easy due to audio communication monitoring device with respect to the national security. Hence, demand of audio communication monitoring system is expected to grow with strong CAGR during the forecast period.

Motion Control Market, 2016-2024: Industry Size, Share, Segments, Analysis and Forecast Report

LogoMotion control is a sub-field of automation consists of load, prime mover, sensors and a controller to provide the proper functioning of prime mover and load. Motion controllers are used for speed accuracy, increased production, smoother movements, increased consistency, improved efficiency, integration automation, fast reaction time, elimination of hazards, troubleshooting and others. It is widely used in the textile, semiconductor production, packaging, printing, automotive and assembly industries.

Photoelectric Sensor Market: Industry Facts, Figures, Size, Share and Segment Analysis by 2016-2024

LogoA photoelectric sensor is equipment used to determine the distance, shape, color and presence or absence of an object by using a photoelectric receiver and light transmitter. They are mostly used in industrial manufacturing. These devices are used for performing their designated task. Photoelectric sensors found in many industries, such as material packaging, food processing, handling, and transportation. A photoelectric sensor is another type of position sensing device. Photoelectric sensors also use a light emitting diode (LED) as the light source.

Bearing Market Will Generate New Growth Opportunities by 2024

LogoBearing is an essential part of machinery which helps to reduce the friction of motion and increases the smoothness of machine. Bearings are widely use in automotive industry which helps to increase the speed of vehicle. Bearing reduces the friction between fixed and moving machine parts. However, it requires consistent maintenance to prevent early failure. The desperate need for energy-efficient vehicles and the expanding demand for bearings from the defense and aerospace industry increase the importance of bearing.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals Market, 2016-2024: By Type, Application, Segment, Global Industry Insights, Consumption

LogoA point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized alternative to a cash register. It has ability to record and track customer orders, process credit and debit cards, connect to other systems in a network and manage inventory. POS are used in wide range of applications. Retail, hospitality and entertainment are some application areas in which PAS is used.

Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting Market Is Expected to Experience Immense Growth During 2016 - 2024

LogoA light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. LED lights are often used in the lamps as a replacement of incandescent light sources. LED lighting delivers high efficiency, high level of brightness, long lifespan and high reliability than incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LED consumes lesser power and is available in smaller size. LED lights saves up to 80% energy cost. LEDs lights are use in many industries such as street lights, parking garage lighting, and walkway and other outdoor area lighting, refrigerated case lighting, modular lighting, and task lighting.

Electric Vehicles Market Expected to Register High Revenue Growth Through 2024

LogoElectric vehicles are also known as electric drive vehicles. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and are seen as a potential option towards a less carbon intensive road transport. It can be powered by electricity from off-vehicle sources, or may be self-contained with a battery or generator to convert fuel to electricity.