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Word Assassin Game App by Tec Dungeon Launches to Stump Players with Confrontational Edge

LogoWhat member of Gen X doesn't have a special place in their heart for the Asteroids video game? Launched in November of 1979, every kid over the age of eight sat transfixed by tumbling digital rocks in need of annihilation. Enter, the modern digital age answer and every Asteroid-lovers dream - the Word Assassin app. Newly-launched for Android and iOS, the game takes learning up a space-aged notch; it supplies players with a flashback and an education. Now, instead of careening rocks, letters fall through a virtual universe to provide players of any age with a challenge. This is about dexterity, word recognition skills, spelling, and retention. Rewarded with unlimited game levels for free, Word Assassin also, oh so subtly, gives a plethora of new information win over win.