The Avanti Company

Experience Precision and Reliability with Ultrasonic Flow Meters

LogoUltrasonic clamp-on flow meters have been a reliable and efficient solution for the continuous measurement of many types of liquids for the past few decades. As the name implies, these flow meters require no cutting of pipes and are equipped with external transducers. The transducers are locked to the outside of the pipe wall and produce a sound wave that travels through the liquid to calculate the flow rate. This enables users to add a flow meter installation without disrupting or stopping flow in the pipes during installation process as well as makes it easier to maintain afterward.

Avanti Company: Your Trusted Partner in Collection System Assessment

LogoFlow meters are a necessary device used in the collection system and wastewater collection networks. The sensors are designed to measure how effectively sewage systems are performing and provide an accurate depiction of the efficiency of the sewage system over time. The data acquired by the flow meters assists collection system operators to identify potential issues with the system and receive continual system performance monitoring throughout the year.

Avanti Company: The Go-to Source for Sewer Flow Monitoring Services in Florida

LogoThe Avanti Company is a premier provider of sewer flow monitoring services in the state of Florida. They are qualified to assist Utilities and Private Sewer Operators (PSO) with their respective sewer flow monitoring programs.

Avanti Company Detects and Prevents Leaks with on-Site Flow Meter Testing

LogoWhen it comes to protecting your wallet, your property, and the environment, regular flow meter testing is of the utmost importance. Without immediate attention, leaks can cause considerable damage and cost companies and individual owners significant losses. The Avanti Company, a leading provider of flow meters and water meters throughout Florida, understands the importance of conducting tests to detect and prevent leaks and offers on-site testing services.

Avanti Company Offers Expert on-Site Metering System Support

LogoThe Avanti Company has been a leader in flow meter products and metering systems since 1977, offering on-site support for customers in the Florida measurement and control market. For over 35 years they have been providing optimal performance and valuable service and support with a team of qualified sales representatives and technical support professionals to visit customer locations.

The Avanti Company Provides Cutting-Edge Sewer Flow Monitoring Solutions

LogoThe Avanti Company, a leading provider of sewer flow monitoring services, offers its services to Utilities and Private Sewer Operators throughout Florida. Avanti Has been listed by the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) as an approved Contractor to assist Private Sewer Operators (PSO) with their sewer flow monitoring program.

Avanti Company Provides Innovative Flow Meters for Accurate Liquid Flow Measurement in Agricultural Applications

LogoThe Avanti Company is pleased to announce the availability of its newest line of flow meters for measuring the rate and volume of liquid flow in agricultural applications. Flow meters are essential for accurately measuring the amount of water and other liquids used for irrigation, nutrient delivery, and other tasks.

Avanti Company Offers Comprehensive Service Options for Flow Meters

LogoThe Avanti Company, a leading provider in the flow meter industry, offers a wide range of service options for their flow meters. This includes repairs, rebuilds, maintenance, and calibrations, as well as technical support. These services are available to all of their products, demonstrating their commitment to the quality and functionality of their meters.

Ensure Safety, Efficiency, and Longevity of Collection Systems with on-Site Flow Meter Testing

LogoThe Avanti Company, Florida's leading flow meter and water meter supplier, is proud to announce their on-site flow meter testing services that help customers avoid dangerous hazards and ensure that their collection systems are secure, fast, and effective for years to come.

Avanti Company Offers Cost-Effective Solutions to Save Money and Water with High-Accuracy Electromagnetic Flow Meters

LogoThe Avanti Company is proud to announce the availability of their high-accuracy electromagnetic flow meters, providing customers with an efficient and cost-effective way to save money and water.