The Avanti Company

The Avanti Company Offers on-Site Metering System Support You Can Count On

LogoThe Avanti Company provides a team of highly trained sales representatives and technical support specialists to your location to analyze any problems and potential improvements with your metering system.

Experienced AMR and AMI Technical Support in Florida

LogoThe Avanti Company provides over 50 years of combined experience in sales and technical support for automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) installation projects.

The Avanti Company Provides Expert on-Site Flow Meter Testing Services

LogoThe importance of testing cannot be overstated in terms of detecting and stopping leaks. Without immediate attention, leaks can cause serious problems for your wallet, your property, and the environment. The Avanti Company is Florida's most trusted source for flow meters and water meters, and the company's services are tailored to mitigate potential dangers and keep clients' collection systems operational for decades. Avanti's on-site flow meter testing services are useful for a wide variety of enterprises, including those in the agricultural, industrial, municipal, plant, residential, and commercial sectors.

The Avanti Company Offers High Quality Sewer Flow Monitoring Services

LogoThe demand for sanitary sewer system maintenance and flow monitoring has never been greater, as municipalities face the burden and costs of increasingly stringent wastewater treatment standards. Sewer system deterioration, flaws and flow difficulties can all be detected with regular inspection. The Avanti Company and its partners have been providing sewer flow monitoring services to their clients for more than 40 years to ensure the proper and safe operation of wastewater collection systems.

Itron CEO Joins NEMA Board of Governors

LogoTom Deitrich, CEO of Itron, Inc., joined the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Board of Governors on January 1, 2022. NEMA's membership currently has 325 electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers.

Itron Inspire Will Be Virtual in 2021

LogoItron, Inc.'s annual customer-focused event, Itron Inspire, is scheduled for October 4-8 this year. The conference brings together the top leaders in energy, water, industrial IoT (IIoT), and smart communities. The goal is to share perspectives and best practices that everyone can engage in to better support the growth of the utility industry as a whole.

Itron Is Driving Greater Efficiency for Environmentally Friendly Practices

LogoItron, Inc. released its 2020 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report this summer, which spotlight’s the company’s impact on changing the utility industry's environmental impact. They are working more efficiently and effectively with their partners and customers to produce lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Itron Opens Nominations for Annual Itron Innovator Award

LogoItron Inc., an innovator for utility management in energy and water across global cities, has opened nominations for their third annual Itron Innovator Award, which honors an Itron customer for enabling above and beyond innovation by taking advantage of their partner enablement programs. These programs allow Itron’s partners to deliver results on smart utilities within smart communities.

Organizational Change at the Avanti Company

LogoAfter 19 years at The Avanti Company and 43 years of experience in the utility industry, John Corey has announced his retirement.

The Avanti Company Welcomes James Watson

LogoThe Avanti Company is excited to welcome James (Thomas) Watson as one of the newest members of The Avanti Company team. Thomas will serve as the company’s Service Technician.