The Avanti Company

Tackle High Water Resource Demands with evoQ Electromagnetic Water Meter

LogoAs demand continues to increase, water resources may become strained. Water utilities must research new ways to address these demands while accurately measuring the water consumption of its customers.

Avanti Company to Reveal New Booth at FWRC 2019

LogoFor anyone wishing to stop by, Avanti Company will be presenting products by industry-leading names such as McCrometer, Hach Flow, 64 Seconds, Infosense, Nicor and Itron at its all new digital trade booth #443. The theme for this state of the art booth will be "A technical Chase for Inflow &Infiltration and Non-Revenue Water".

Avanti Company Signs Agreement with Badger Meters Flow Instrumentation Group

LogoThis signing greatly enhances Avanti's Industrial Flow meter portfolio and vastly increases our flow meter product capability. Avanti has always prided itself on being able to find the right meter for the right application for our customers and this significantly adds to that capability. Avanti will be representing twelve brands under the Badger umbrella including Coriolis, Cox, Dispenser, Admix/Controls, Dynasonics, Impeller, Industrial Turbo, Measuremite, OP meters, Preso, Recordall, and Vortex. Avanti's Representative Agreement becomes effective on March 15, 2019.

The Avanti Company Signs Distribution Agreement for Diehl Metering Products in Georgia and Alabama

LogoDiehl Metering offers a complete one-stop spectrum of services: highly-precise intelligent water meters; system solutions for unlimited communication of components in radio networks; software solutions ranging from metering to data management. In line with our customer's requirements, we will be systematically expanding the range of IZAR PLUS services we offer in the future with the addition of further service components.

Post Irma Wastewater Line Inspection Services Provided by the Avanti Company

LogoWith RedAlert, the conditions of a pipeline network infrastructure before and after a disaster can be easily detected using integrated sensors and multiple deployment platforms. These tools are designed to identify what is necessary to return the infrastructure back online.

Florida Rural Water Association Acknowledges Avanti Company for Thirty Years of Membership

LogoFlorida Rural Water Association (FRWA) exists to help small water Utilities provide clean drinking water to its residents. FRWA provides licensed water and wastewFlorida Rural Water Association (FRWA) exists to help small water Utilities provide clean drinking water to its residents. FRWA provides licensed water and wastewater operators as "Circuit Riders" to visit small systems and provide technical assistance and training. It is a non-profit, professional association providing several important services including engineering, groundwater protection, and more. FRWA also provides ongoing FDEP approved training to small systems to assure the local operators are using the latest technologies and techniques in providing water and wastewater operations.

Avanti Adds AMR/AMI Industry Guru to Its Impressive Team

LogoAvanti boosts its ability to completely service and support the flow meters and metering systems they offer and will enhance the existing technical sales and support department with Dave's vast industry experience and talents.

The Avanti Company and McCrometer Make AMR Easy with FlowConnect

LogoThe telemetry system included in FlowConnect, features a built-in cellular system designed to work with McCrometer Flowmeters. This system makes it easy to access meters without having to visit the site. Just turn on your computer and your flow data is there. Water Specialties or McPropeller Propeller flowmeters work seamlessly with FlowConnect. In fact, FlowConnect can be retrofitted on an existing meter in as little as thirty minutes.

The Avanti Company Launches New Policy

LogoRecognizing how easy it is to fall into a pattern of constant communication during off business hours, Avanti has asked its employees to refrain from sending all forms of communication including texts, calls, and emails to customers, vendors and internally after 5 pm Eastern and before 8 am Eastern. The policy states that employees should create notes or drafts of ideas and hold onto them for distribution until business commences again. Avanti has built its reputation on providing top-notch service and as a result, emergencies and issues considered time sensitive are excluded from the policy.

The Avanti Company Receives the Prestigious Charles E. Hogue Award

LogoThe Avanti Company and its Vice President of Sales John Corey were presented with the Charles E. Hogue Award for Florida Section AWWA Manufacturers’ Associates Council (MAC) as Member of the Year.