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Market Your Business Like a Pro Podcast Nears 3,000 Downloads

LogoA steadily growing audience, or "tribe" of followers, doesn't happen by accident.

Market Your Business Like a Pro Podcast Celebrates 1st Birthday

LogoMost podcasts don't make it beyond a few episodes. Hosts either burn out or run out of content.

Gain an Unfair Advantage Marketing Workshops Are Coming Back to Orlando in September

LogoMarketing expert Ken Countess will co-host the next "Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition" workshops on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Weekly Marketing Podcast Gains Popularity

LogoMost podcasts don't last more than a few episodes. When more than 40 episodes are produced, that's news. The "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast is hosted each week by Ken Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, a marketing consultancy based in Orlando, Florida.

Episode 41 - Podcasting – A Valuable Marketing Tool

LogoOn episode 41 of the "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast, host Ken Countess chats with Steve Lubetkin, a professional podcaster. Steve provides real-life examples of the value of audio and video for business owners to reach broader audiences.

Episode 40 - Overwhelm Your Competition - Your Unique Selling Proposition

LogoBeing just like everyone else with your marketing message can work to your detriment. You need a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, to set yourself apart.

Episode 39 - 13 Deadly Sins of Marketing

LogoThis week's episode of the Market Your Business Like A Pro podcast

3 Steps to Avoid Marketing Overwhelm

LogoMost small businesses have a difficult time keeping up with marketing. It's a "necessary evil" for business.

Turbocharging Your Marketing

LogoDigital marketing best practices seem to change almost daily. Having a internationally known marketing expert providing advice to a business can make the difference between success and failure.

Ken Countess Launches the Countess Group's Email Marketing Online Academy

LogoKen Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, has announced the launch of his company's Email Marketing Online Academy.