The Sagemont School

Sagemont, An Independent School Serving Fort Lauderdale Encourages Students to Compete in French Competition

Sagemont, An Independent School in Broward, Fl Encourages Foreign Language Students To Compete And Reach Their Potential

Middle School Triplets are Triple Threat at Sagemont, a Broward Private School

Sagemont’s Middle School triplets embody the school’s college prep model to strive for top grades, participate in sports and clubs plus engage in community service work.

At Sagemont, a College-prep in Broward, Early Education Program Mirrors College Prep Philosophy

Sagemont’s college prep philosophy starts with prekindergarten and kindergarten students who are exposed to targeted activities designed to be academically, physically and emotionally stimulating.

Kindergartener at Sagemont College Prep School in Weston, FL Helps Save Birds Endangered by Oil Spill

Sagemont kindergarten student enlists his schoolmates, family & friends to collect 169 bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid to save birds endangered by oil spill.

Coach Florio at Camp Sagemont in Broward, FL Shares Her Passion for Sports and Inspires Campers

At Camp Sagemont, Coach Gina Florio shares her personal sports experiences with her campers and inspires them to be the best that they can become.

Sagemont, a College Prep in Weston, Encourages Students to Dissect Worn out Computers to Discover How They Work

Sagemont students dressed in goggles and gloves dissect worn out computers using screwdrivers and wire cutters to learn more about how the machines actually work. This is a hands on project that teaches the discovery learning process.

Summer Just Got More Adventurous for Broward’s Camp Sagemont.

Camp Sagemont is proud to introduce its new Adventure Camp program. Campers will participate in exciting adventure trips including canoeing, snorkeling, fishing, ropes training and team building.

Sagemont, a College Prep in Broward, Helps Students Go the Extra Mile in Planning for The Future

Sagemont offers students the opportunity to experience a taste of life in the real world before graduation. The Academic Internship Program provides students an edge in choosing a future career path.

Sagemont, A College Prep in Weston, Provides a Home-stay Program Attracting Students Worldwide

Sagemont’s international home-stay program allows foreign high school students to pursue their academic goals as well as learn American culture in a college prep setting.

Sagemont School, a College Prep in Broward, Fulfills Wishes of Impoverished Kids and Their Families

The Sagemont School has always made community service an important part of their curriculum. Sagemont’s National Junior Honor Society is helping to make the holidays much brighter for 350 kids. Child Net is Broward's Community Based Care lead agency selected by the state to manage the local system of services and supports for Broward's abused, abandoned and neglected children and their caregivers. Due to the state of the economy, ChildNet lost a lot of sponsors this year. When they called to see if Sagemont could help with the kids’ holiday wish list, the Junior Honor Society enthusiastically agreed to take on the project. Eighth grader and Secretary of NJHS, Nivita Sharma said, “I am happy to participate because it is wonderful to be able to make a child happy who lives in our own community.”