Turbado Recognized for Cutting to the Chase and Doing for iPhone Customers What Apple Hasn't

LogoKnocking the iPhone market on its ear with a new "SUCS" approach to customer service, a first-of-its-kind company has forever changed the game. Enter, Turbado. They're an international Product-as-a-Service company with a "Superior Unexpected Customer Service" model that's gutsy enough to be the middle man with practicality as a selling point. Having created a customer-centric ecosystem where iPhone shoppers can thrive with quite literally everything they can think of for the maintenance, upgrade, or exchange of their new phone, the company is approaching world domination. Noted as the best newcomer in the history of Amazon Germany, the number one mobile phone brand in Poland, the recipient of the highest customer satisfaction award for any online brand in Hungary, and France's favorite marketplace merchant that went from zero to a 10 million turnover in two months, Turbado has come to play. Now shipping between 5,000 and 8,000 mobile phones a day, it turns out giving iPhone lovers exactly what they want is a boon the big Apple left out.