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USMC Insurance Explores Industries That Should Invest in Small Business Liability Insurance

USMC Insurance, a renowned Managing General Agent (MGA) specializing in niche markets, recently shared insights into industries that stand to benefit significantly from small business liability insurance. Several specific types of workplaces are particularly exposed to risks that can be mitigated with small business liability insurance.

USMC Insurance Provides Essential Info for Businesses About Self-Driving Vehicles

While promising improved safety and efficiency, " self-driving " or autonomous vehicles introduce new considerations for businesses, particularly in the realm of hired and non-owned auto insurance. USMC Insurance, a leading Managing General Agent (MGA) serving clients nationwide, recognizes the importance of staying informed and offers insights to help businesses navigate this changing landscape.

USMC Insurance Advises Businesses to Evaluate Their Auto Insurance Needs in 2024

USMC Insurance, a managing general agent (MGA) with more than a decade of experience serving companies of all sizes, advises businesses to reassess their auto insurance needs as 2024 begins. This recommendation is guided by the company's commitment to ensuring that businesses nationwide are adequately protected against potential risks.

Fine Print Matters: Reading and Understanding Hired Auto Insurance Policies

USMC Insurance, a leading managing general agent (MGA) with over a decade of expertise in the insurance industry, is shedding light on the crucial importance of comprehending the fine print in hired auto insurance policies.

USMC Insurance Discusses Adapting Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance for Seasonal Changes

USMC Insurance, a distinguished Managing General Agent (MGA) specializing in various specialty insurance solutions, sheds light on the significance of adapting hired and non-owned auto insurance to meet evolving business requirements in response to seasonal variations.

USMC Insurance Explores the Role of Non-Owned Auto Insurance for Employees Using Their Personal Vehicles for Work

When employees use personal vehicles for work-related tasks, businesses face a potential risk known as "non-owned auto" exposure. This term refers to the potential liability a company might shoulder if an accident occurs during company time, even in an employee's own vehicle. USMC Insurance, a managing general agent specializing in these types of policies, knows a thing or two about these types of situations and seeks to educate the public about best practices.

USMC Insurance Highlights Steps to Take Before Renting a Vehicle for Business Purposes

Understanding the complexities surrounding the rental of business vehicles, USMC Insurance, a leading Managing General Agent (MGA), aims to equip businesses with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions during the rental process. One crucial step for business owners is the recognition of the importance of hired auto coverage. This specialized insurance protects businesses from potential liabilities and financial risks associated with rented vehicles, going beyond traditional policies to address unexpected contingencies that may arise during rentals.

USMC Insurance Explores the Important Role of a Managing General Agent in Hired & Non-Owned Auto

The relevance of hired and non-owned auto insurance cannot be underestimated in today's business landscape. As companies increasingly rely on employee-owned or rented vehicles for various operations, ensuring adequate coverage becomes an indispensable aspect of risk management.

USMC Insurance Explores the Differences Between Personal and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

USMC Insurance, a leading insurance managing general agent (MGA), is shedding light on an important topic that many individuals and businesses encounter: the differences between personal auto insurance and non-owned auto insurance.

USMC Insurance Recommends Hired Auto Coverage for Startup Businesses

By their very nature, startups are often strapped for cash, and their budgets can get even leaner during hard economic times (like the current nationwide recession). However, one thing that certain startups should invest in without question is hired auto coverage. USMC Insurance, a nationwide Managing General Agent (MGA), explains a few reasons why hired auto coverage can protect fledgling businesses.