Virtual Employee Ltd

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. New Video Recording Facility for Clients

An outsourcing partner that can provide such fantastic benefits like their very own video recording studio for creating videos is to be valued. VirtualEmployee latest offering has catapulted it way ahead of the competition.

Free Recruitment Service vs. Gold Service of

Hiring is always a time-consuming exercise, whether the person you wish to hire is a local resource or someone who inhabits another country and continent, as is the case with outsourcing. Either way, the entire process makes demands on your time, energy and resources. Within outsourcing, searching for a suitable remote resource is doubly intimidating and understandably fraught with its own unique challenges and pitfalls. If you are looking to hire someone known as a virtual employee, then you need to find a reliable vendor who can help you find one.

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. New Office Comes up in the Prestigious SEZ, Noida

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd.'s new office will soon be coming up in the prestigious SEZ, Noida. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure and an office boasting all the amenities, clients can look forward to greater things in this internationally-maintained new office.

VirtualEmployee Gifts Clients One More Tool for Employee Control

Losing control over a remote employee is one of the chief concerns of a client who outsources. VirtualEmployee understands this natural concern and has taken adequate steps to ensure employee control. Its latest tool is a biometric access control in which the client gets a detailed record of the employee's movements as they occur in real time during their work shift hours.

The Importance of India in IT Outsourcing

Talk about IT outsourcing and the mention of India is inevitable. Now with India having been chosen as the partner country in the upcoming prestigious CeBIT Australia 2012, the Indian IT outsourcing industry can only soar to greater heights.

Why a Virtual Employee Is Better Than Hiring Local Talent

Hiring a virtual employee is much better option in every way than limiting yourself to merely the local talent available. Not only do you have access to a more experienced and skilled work pool, you don't have to bother about spiraling overhead costs as is the case with hiring a local resource.

Effective Communication Is the Backbone of Successful Outsourcing to a Virtual Employee

The number one factor that derails any outsourcing process (aside from the wrong choice of the vendor) is faulty communication between a client and their outsourcing partner – irrespective of whether the latter is a freelancer or a dedicated employee. While communication glitches with the average freelancer is a given, they should never occur with a dedicated employee, because that would mean not optimizing what can be a very successful outsourcing model. In short, effective communication between client-vendor or client-remote employee is absolutely crucial for the success of any outsourcing venture.

Outsourcing Is A Company's Survival Kit During Recession

Outsourcing can definitely be said to be a company's survival kit during the recession. Since an economic meltdown is all about finances, outsourcing is for this very reason so attractive during a financial slump. Cost savings, talented professionals and very little overhead costs – all these make outsourcing a very financially sound decision during the recession.

A Free Recruitment Service That Gets You Your Dream Virtual Employee

Having a virtual employee work for you can enhance the entire outsourcing process like no other. Aside from the cost-savings aspect, a virtual employee can be a huge asset in other ways as well in terms of contributing to your company's talent pool and bringing in a fresh perspective on work and related business functions.

Outsourcing Has Reduced US Costs and Saved Many US Companies from Bankruptcy

Has outsourcing really cost the US economy dearly or has it actually helped save US companies from going bankrupt? All the flak notwithstanding, this article endeavours to show why outsourcing is the need of the hour for the US economy, recession or no recession.