Hiring Companies Advice on Creating a Job Winning Resume

The current state of the economy has intensified the competition at the job search arena. The increased number of unemployed people has swelled the number of job seekers so one has to come up with a very impressive resume to win a decent job. So how can one create a job-winning resume? Here are some tips that can help you make one.

Research on Most Important Sections of a Resume

Submitting a resume with incomplete information is disastrous for a prospective worker. A resume should showcase one's skills, achievements, professional background, academic history, and future potential to an employer so you cannot afford to submit one with missing sections. Having full knowledge on the sections of a resume is key to crafting an effective application.

BriteTab Brings Clarity to Resume Objectives - Resume Clarity - Resume Actions Words

Through extensive research, BriteTab offers advice on how to use a resume to land your dream job. Learn how to develop a resume that will get the attention it deserves.

Britetab.com Helps to Find Ways Around HR Gatekeepers

Creating a resume can be hard enough on its own, but having to write a resume that will get past HR gatekeepers is a whole other problem. However, there are some helpful tips to stop the gatekeepers from saying “No” to your resume and to have your resume passed up to the people who can say “Yes”.

BriteTab Researches Careers on the Rise

With national unemployment at 9.6 percent, BriteTab knows that many people are on the lookout for a new career. BriteTab researched the latest labor statistics and rising industries to find five careers that are expected to have large growth.

BriteTab.com Releases the Top Interview Question Mistakes

Last week Britetab.com, an online video resume builder, released its findings on the toughest interview questions and their often incorrect responses. Britetab also released its findings for the best responses and how to navigate around tough situations. Their list was compiled through their own user base and experiences.

BriteTab.com Resume Critique Checklist

BriteTab.com, an online video resume builder, provides a useful resume critique checklist for job seekers