BriteTab is a new kind of online resume, empowering job-seekers to show off their personality and experience and stand out from the crowd by combining the best elements of traditional resumes and video resumes. In today’s competitive and ever-changing job market, it can be a challenge to effectively communicate what you have to offer and get employers to take notice. Traditional paper resumes often get lost in a sea of submissions, and few hiring managers have the time or patience to sit through lengthy, all-video applications. With a BriteTab online resume, you’ll gain an instant edge over the competition when you’re able to show hiring managers what you can offer in an innovative way that truly catches their attention. BriteTab is all about you and your personal job search. Our resumes are designed to accentuate your personality and speak to the standards of your specific industry, offering a variety of themes and customization options. You can upload videos that correspond to each particular section of your resume so that hiring managers don’t have to navigate through one long video to find out why you’re the perfect candidate. You can send your resume to as many people as you want, and it won’t include distracting advertising or branding. BriteTab also allows you to make, save, and edit multiple resumes; each with a unique URL that is kept private. With a BriteTab resume, you can: * Impress employers with a quality resume in an eye-catching, personalized format * Include multiple video clips that show your personality and expand on your experience * Gain increased visibility in the job market with a resume that’s easily forwarded and viewed with a simple click of a link * Access metrics on the number of times your online resume has been viewed * Create multiple online resumes and edit them at your convenience How It Works BriteTab offers job-seekers a simple, step-by-step way to create an attention-grabbing resume. Simply sign up, launch the resume-creating application, choose a format, enter text, upload corresponding videos (optional), and save. Once you save and publish your resumes online, you will receive a unique link to send anywhere you’d like, and can edit your resume at any time by logging into your BriteTab account. Networking BriteTab resumes not only empower job-seekers to land the positions of their dreams, they also offer employers an effective way of screening applicants to pursue only the most confident, top-notch talent before ever having to conduct interviews. With BriteTab resumes, companies get a useful look at candidates’ personalities with the simple click of a link.