ROK Universal UK

Perfect Time to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

LogoWith the continued growing interest in electronic cigarettes and people raising questions about ecigs, ROK Universal have decided to offer committed smokers (over 18s only) to try a ROK electronic cigarette for free, and see what it’s all about. ROK electronic cigarettes are designed to look and feel similar to a high-quality normal cigarette. We want to help and offer smokers an alternative that gives them the tactile feel of a cigarette, still offering the entire enjoyment helping smokers make a positive change to switch. “We believe that committed smokers are still a bit wary of electronic cigarettes as they are a relatively new product.”- says Greg Forster, Managing Director at ROK Universal. ”By offering them a free disposable electronic cigarette they get the opportunity to see what they are missing.”

ROK Universal Launches New Electronic Cigarette Kit in the UK

LogoThe latest e-cigarette from ROK Universal has officially launched in the UK. ROK ICON electronic cigarettes offer e-smokers in the UK and Europe an improved experience through the ultra slim Power Pack.

ROK Universal Launches New Liquid Refillable Electronic Cigarette

LogoROK Universal has today announced the full launch of their latest liquid refillable performance electronic cigarettes for e-smokers in the UK and Europe.

New Electronic Cigarette from ROK Universal Provides the Most Realistic Smoking Experience Yet

LogoROK Universal has today launched the most innovative premium disposable electronic cigarette for e-cigarette smokers in the UK and Europe.