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Celerion Expands Early Phase Clinical Operations Units

LogoBiopharmaceutical clinical research organization, Celerion, has this year announced a considerable expansion that involves adding extensive research capacity and services. The company is adding significantly to the resources that it has for early phase clinical research, including upgrading pharmacy compounding suites and opening a new Screening and Return Center. This new capacity comes in the form of development at existing sites, including a new 40,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona that will add 350 beds to the company's capacity. The new facility is not just about expanding resources but has also been designed with participant experience in mind. Expanded pharmacy capabilities are intended to provide a fast and cost-effective way for clients to begin clinical trials, without the need for extensive CMC investment in the early stage of development. Celerion is renowned for its combination of clinical operations and medical expertise, pioneering new options for its clients in drug development.

AiM Medical Robotics Returns to Life Sciences Investor Summit

LogoAiM Medical Robotics is well known for being a leading developer of MRI-compatible intraoperative robotics for neurosurgery. The innovative company is taking huge strides in the development of neurosurgery thanks to the work that it has done with precision robotics. This includes improving outcomes for patients with functional brain disorders who are going through the process of neurosurgery. Some of the conditions that benefit from the company's research include epilepsy and Parkinson's. It has now been announced that AiM Medical Robotics is going to be returning to the Life Science Intelligence (LSI) USA '22 Emerging Medtech Summit as a presenting company. This is the event's third year and the summit has become renowned for providing an annual glimpse into the future of life sciences technologies and the most up-to-date market intelligence. AiM Medical Robotics will be a great fit for the summit as a presenting company.

No Stopping Pharma R&D as Market Predicted to Grow to $45 Bn

LogoAntibiotics have come to underpin evolution in human healthcare - and the market is set to grow dramatically in the coming years. Increasing numbers of bacterial infections have meant demand for antibiotics has soared, whether that is treating skin infections, Urinary Tract Infections or something like tuberculosis. Infectious diseases have also been driving the need for greater pharma R&D to find new solutions to diseases such as pneumonia, malaria and lower respiratory infections. This increasing disease burden is making it even more important for governments to invest in vital R&D initiatives to help fuel the development of novel antibiotics and improve the regulatory environment to speed up research and approvals. With all this under the spotlight, it's no surprise that forecasts for market growth are high - the global antibiotics market size is set to increase to $45.4 billion by 2028. This represents a significant increase from the value of $38 billion in 2021.

East Coast Biotech Recruitment Still Strong in 2022

LogoThe East Coast is a key hub for the biotech industry and some major pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations and institutions are located in this part of the US. For a biotech recruiter that makes this a particularly important location, especially as hiring in this location is forecast to remain strong throughout 2022. Massachusetts is a prime example of the strength of East Coast biotech, as it's a state with robust collaboration between government, industry and academia, as well as large waves of talent entering the sector here, including a 50% increase in graduates from biotech programs in the past 10 years. New York is also a key contributor to the strength of East Coast biotech recruitment, thanks to 50+ hospitals, 9 academic medical centers and a $1 billion initiative to create 40,000 new jobs and establish the city as a global leader in the industry. Then there is New Jersey, which is home to 14 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the country and 3,200 life sciences companies.

Trans Perfect Expand Scale Deployment of Remote Clinical Operations

LogoRemote clinical operations present an innovative opportunity for the evolution of life sciences into a more versatile, digital age. During the pandemic, Trans Perfect in partnership with Innovaderm used Trial Interactive tech to make a significant contribution to partner organizations seeking to find new treatments to COVID-19 and to help support further research. Trial Interactive is a connected eClinical experience that is designed to make improvements in a number of key areas, including compliance, speed and quality across site detection, selection and activation. Remote clinical trials were achieved by giving customers access to Trial Interactive's Study Document Collaboration solution by integrating tailored remote monitoring rooms. Now, Trans Perfect and Innovaderm are looking to scale the deployment of Trial Interactive to offer the opportunity of remote clinical operations on a much broader basis. The two companies have been in a long-standing collaboration that began with language translation services many years ago. Today, together they have an opportunity to make an impact with remote clinical operations on a much bigger scale.

Regenerative Medicine Market to Hit $12.9 Billion

LogoRegenerative medicine is developing an increasingly visible reputation in healthcare, both among patients and professionals. This innovative sector has enormous potential for changing outcomes for patients thanks to treatments such as cell-tissue therapeutics and products like exosomes and Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy. Patients are becoming increasingly aware of, not just the risks that are associated with regenerative medicine, but the advantages too. As a result, forecasts for the increase in the size of the regenerative medicine market are substantial, especially as a wider range of products is increasingly being launched to help prevent complications in patients. One study has found that by 2028 the market for regenerative medicine is likely to be worth $12.9 billion. A particular focus for those operating in regenerative medicine has been the need to spread awareness so that patients can make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes where treatments are concerned.

Talent War in Biotech Recruitment Predicted in 2022

LogoA mass movement of workers through the employment world has affected every sector in the past year. Labeled 'The Great Resignation' this shift is making it even more difficult for organizations to fill recruitment requirements. This is a particular problem for fields such as biotech, where there are already skills shortages.

mRNA Vaccines in Medical Engineering Cancer Treatment

LogoThe same mRNA technology used in Pfizer-BioNTech's and Moderna's Covid vaccines is being trialed as a unique new medical engineering cancer treatment. The way that the vaccines have worked for COVID has been to teach the body to target the virus - now the same approach is being focused on cancer cells too. The company behind the vaccine is BioNTech, which is the German pharmaceutical business that partnered with Pfizer in 2020 to produce the first vaccine that was authorized for use against COVID in the US.

Pfizer Invests $68.5 Million in New Pharma R&D Facility

LogoGene therapy is a vital field and one generating a wealth of R&D jobs in pharma today. Companies such as Pfizer are keen to capitalize on progress, as this represents the next phase of innovation for patients currently living day-to-day with rare diseases. In order to push forward its progress in gene therapy, Pfizer has now announced the opening of a new clinical manufacturing facility in Durham, NC.

US Hospitals Hiring More Foreign Clinical Operations Staff

LogoThe demand for clinical operations staff has soared during the pandemic and in most locations, this has created some serious skills shortages. As a result, many US hospitals have turned to overseas hires to fill the gaps. One agency recruiting clinical operations staff from overseas to place in US hospitals saw demand surge from just 800 places a year pre-pandemic to 4,000 today.