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Businesses Tipped on How to Surf Google's Latest Update by Top SEO

LogoTop SEO and Internet marketing expert cues-in readers on how to ride the latest wave of Google’s Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 updates released October 4, 2013.

Presidential Limousines of St Louis Hired Mod Girl Marketing to Re-Launch Their Website

LogoThe Danziger family purchased Presidential Limousines of St. Louis with the intention of re-launching the brand with their personal signature on it, that includes changing the website, making it SEO-friendly and easy to use. They called on Mod Girl Marketing, with the experience and vision, to do the job.

Founder of Mod Girl Marketing Releases "8 Marketing Strategies for Startups"

LogoMarketing is the one part of a business that most owners dread and don’t truly understand.

SEO Consultant Mandy McEwen, Owner at Mod Girl Marketing, Offers SEO Advice for Struggling Business Owners

LogoIn todays’ business climate often the most important asset a business has is a high listing on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Mandy McEwen, the owner and SEO consultant at Mod Girl Marketing, offers lots of advice on how business owners can get to the top of search engines and stay there. On her company’s website, she offers a blog that is consistently updated with SEO (search engine optimization) and social media advice.

Mod Girl Marketing Offers Affordable Social Media Maintenance

LogoMod Girl Marketing, California’s premier online business marketing agency, is now offering social media maintenance packages that are designed to be affordable and efficient. Writing Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn updates and Google+ entries can be very time consuming. Mod Girl’s group of experts can make your social media platforms work hard for you without you lifting a finger! Mod Girl Marketing has written a blog posting explaining the importance of great social media and how they can help businesses large and small:

Mod Girl Marketing Launches New Website for Los Angeles Startup, iDrive

LogoIn spite of laws and vastly increased enforcement, drunk driving is still a leading killer of Americans. iDrive, a new LA startup, is dedicated to keeping the roads of Los Angeles safe with their “drive your car home for you” service created specifically for the nightlife crowd.