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Medical Marketing Agency Explains the Benefits of Email Medical Marketing

LogoThere are many avenues for medical practices to promote their businesses online, but good old-fashioned email marketing is still providing top returns on investment for medical practices, says Healthcare Marketing Consultant Mandy McEwen. "Medical-related emails are much different than the typical 'insert-name-in-headline' sales emails we're all accustomed to. Patient inboxes can be a very helpful, direct way to connect with individuals who are recovering from surgery and need a little more TLC from their providers, for instance."

Healthcare Marketing Consultant Shares Insight Into Building a Better Healthcare Marketing Team

Logo"Nearly all modern medical providers have an online presence – but few do it exceptionally well," says Mandy McEwen, founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, a healthcare marketing consultancy. "There are so many organizations that run a fantastic business offline, but they fail to allocate sufficient resources and seek out the right level of expertise to reach their full potential online," she adds.

Healthcare Marketing Consulting Firm Helps Companies Cut Down on Accidental HIPAA Violations

LogoThough it's been 20 years since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed by Congress, over 11 million patient records were exposed in June 2016 alone! Some HIPAA violators have paid as much as $5.5 million in fines for their negligence. Mandy McEwen, CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, specializes in healthcare marketing and HIPAA compliance issues and says that her clients don't mean to break the law – they just do.

Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultants Share 5 Tips for Immediate RealSelf Success

LogoFor many patients, is the first stop in the search for a plastic surgeon or for information on a particular procedure. With over 77 million unique visitors per year, 1 million answers to frequently asked questions from board-certified doctors, and thousands of patient reviews, one can think of the site as Facebook-Meets-Yelp for plastic surgeons. Mandy McEwen, founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, specializes in advising plastic surgeons how to grow their businesses online. She says she frequently fields questions about taking RealSelf profiles to the next level. McEwen recently published a blog detailing tips on how plastic surgeons can maximize their presence on RealSelf.

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Consultants Increase Ohio Plastic Surgeon's Leads by 335% in One Month

LogoAmericans spent a record high $13.5 billion dollars on aesthetic procedures last year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Though plastic surgery has become more mainstream than ever before, many plastic surgeons still struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition to reach new prospects and nurture existing leads in a consistent fashion that encourages growth. Mod Girl Marketing has worked with many different businesses over the years, but their best results can be found with clients in the healthcare sector.

Mod Girl Marketing Shares Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2016

LogoPew Research has found that 72% of patients routinely consult the internet for information on medical facilities, treatments and providers. To stay competitive, healthcare businesses must meet the demands of an increasing digital generation – by going over and beyond simply having a website or social media presence, and actually providing customer service and scheduling functions via the web, says Mod Girl Founder Mandy McEwen.

Mod Girl Marketing Launches New Website and Offers Free Mini Website Audits to Qualifying Businesses

LogoMod Girl Marketing has refined their offerings and launched a new website at following nearly a decade of successful brand-building online. In the coming weeks, they're offering free mini website audits for qualifying businesses and selling information-packed eBooks geared toward marketing executives, in addition to taking on new consulting clients.

Mod Girl Marketing Shares Three HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation

LogoHubSpot remains the leader in small business automation, with over 30,000 clients. However, it is not the only option available. Mod Girl Marketing explains in their recent blog that although users find HubSpot easy to use and highly reputable, there are a few drawbacks to consider, and an alternative might be more suitable.

Mod Girl Marketing Reveals the Top 8 Marketing Trends for 2016

LogoMarketing advice like "optimizing for mobile" and "tracking big data" has been doled out so much, they've become clichés. While these steps are still relevant, Mod Girl Marketing CEO and Consultant Mandy McEwen says there are many more interesting trends bubbling beneath the surface for 2016. Not every trend needs to be an investment to add to the coming year's budget, says McEwen, but marketers need to be tuned in to the shifting developments to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Mod Girl Marketing Releases New 'Stupid Simple' eBook for 2016 Marketing Campaigns

LogoAmid the chaos of running bustling holiday marketing campaigns, U.S. companies are also trying to establish their agendas and budgets for the rapidly-approaching 2016. Now is a great time to read up on the industry's best practices for digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media engagement. Mandy McEwen, founder of digital marketing firm Mod Girl Marketing, has released a new eBook packed with actionable tips to bring more positive results in search engine prominence and lead generation.