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Metabolic Typing - Losing Weight Successfully

For many people, trying to lose weight is a never-ending battle. Despite much dieting and physical activity, the desired weight loss fails to appear. Sometimes there are even more pounds added to the scale than before the diet. The alternative medical approach, “metabolic typing”, considers the individual metabolic type of each person in order to make a diet more successful. According to that method, every single person has a unique metabolic system with varying needs for nutrients. Therefore, for a healthy weight management, an individual diet must fit to the metabolic type.

Common Running Mistakes Made by Professional Athletes and Beginners

Running seems to be so simple: Just put on your shoes and go! But there are a few obstacles waiting on and off the track. Even experienced runners often unnecessarily face health risks or performance setbacks, always trying to achieve a new personal best. Everybody, from beginners to pros, needs to consider some basic rules and guidelines in order to run good times as well as finish healthily and safely.

Barbecues - Obstacles on the Path to a Beach Body

The barbecue season has started and invites all fans of grilled meat to join. In the right atmosphere, with family or friends, it is more than alluring to enjoy some delicious food. But the things that taste so good on BBQ’s are often mean calorie bombs. Even though the spring was spent with disciplined training and conscious eating to get rid of some extra pounds, the images and scents of juicy steaks, fresh baguettes and tempting sauces get us off the track. Of course, there is no need to miss out on everything, but a lot of the food is not a good and healthy basis for a trained body. With a better understanding of the containing calories, one can easily avoid the biggest calorie traps and maintain a perfect beach body!

Good-bye JoJo - Run Away from Your Pounds

The usual method to lose weight is to go on a diet. But once the extra pounds are defeated, it is important to stay ambitious and active. Otherwise it quickly grows again – often even worse than before the diet. Unfortunately, this effect is familiar to many people. Disappointment and frustration are the results. Nevertheless, this does not mean that going on a diet cannot be successful on the long term. There is a simple recipe for achieving one’s weight management goals: more sport!

Trend Sport “Free Running“ – Making Your Way Through Town, With Creativity, Art and Fitness

Sightjogging, trail running, Parkour or slacklining – the list of modern trend sports is getting longer and longer. Today, more and more people are taking up Free Running, a slightly more aesthetic version of Parkour.

No Time for Sport the Right Time Management Is Important

Apparently there is no time to follow a sportive activity. The right balance between everyday life and sport depends on the inner attitude and a consequent time management. In contrast to television, computer or telephone, sport isn’t a so-called “time thief”, but keeps fit, is fun and strengthens the health.

Fit and Slim All Year Long With Walking Style III

Many of us will know the wish to replace bad habits with good intentions - only the realisation is not as easy as it seems. Have a look at the “top wishes” like the desire to lose unnecessary pounds and live a healthy life. A continues request, but as the year progresses, the target seems more and more unreal. Why not try to advance step by step? A great way to get your body back into shape, is the walking sport - a sport of endurance, where a particular distance is covered in a fast and rhythmic walking pace. In order to record the personal performance, a training tool like the Walking Style III by Omron Healthcare is the perfect workout companion. The intuitive tool identifies all reliable values during the training, which are important for a continuous training and comfortable weight control.

Breathing Through Mouth or Nose Chest and Stomach Breathing Helpful Tips on Using the Correct Breathing Techniques During Running

A proper breathing technique is vital to achieve better running results. Both beginners and runners should develop their own breathing rhythm in order to be able to exploit their full potential for running. To achieve, first of all, sportsmen should follow their intuitive breathing, which adapts to their own movement speed. My JogStyle tells you all that should be taken into account.

Running in the cold Onion Look

The clear autumn air and the beautiful colours of nature are the perfect conditions to go out and do the running training. The right clothing is essential - but what is the best to wear if the temperatures slightly above 0 degrees? The onion look is the perfect method.

Run Into the New Year New Year's Eve from a Different Perspective

Who has not planned the New Year's Eve yet, should think about taking part at one of the New Year races in Germany or Switzerland to welcome the New Year in a sporty and extraordinary way. Whether for an amateur marathon runner or an ambitious professional, the running events on 1/1/2012 promise lots of fun and variety for everyone. The beautiful cities like Berlin, Leipzig, Munich and Zurich offer the opportunity to run whether 2 kilometers or the whole marathon distance as the New Year first running event.