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Global Automotive Infotainment Navigation Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2021

LogoBusiness analytics & enterprise software publishing industry includes development and distribution of customer relationship management (CRM), business analytics, business intelligence (BI), predictive analysis software, collaboration software and other enterprise oriented software solutions. Additionally, it offers training and consulting services related with these softwares. The business analytics & enterprise software publishing market includes publishing activities for business analytics solutions such as predictive analysis software and enterprise software solutions such as enterprise resource planning. Recently, business analytics and enterprise software publishing industry has witnessed a steady growth and with technological advancements the market is anticipated to witness a steady growth throughout the forecast period. Owing to this IT companies are majorly focusing on design and development of effective business analytics tools including basic reporting to advanced and complex forecasting and data mining tools. These solutions allow businesses and data analysts to extract future insights from the provided corporate data which when transformed to actions, delivers high levels of profitability and efficiency to the enterprise. Technologically advances in business intelligence and analytics software such as Analytics Pro (by SAS) are driving this market. Small scale businesses look for software, including enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications and therefore are potential opportunities for this market.

Global Online Advertising Market to Witness Rapid Development During the Period 2015–2021

LogoAutomotive infotainment devices are referred to equipment which provides entertainment and information including systems for connectivity, navigation, fuel efficiency, safety and audio. Earlier information related to weather and news radio was provided in cars, advancements in electronics and telecommunication industry have led to emergence of automotive infotainment devices which address customer priorities based on navigation, maintenance, and safety among the others. Automotive infotainment systems with an increased popularity of electronic gadgets, IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) has achieved a substantial growth in recent years. Furthermore, rising consumer demand of advanced infotainment systems, global automotive infotainment and navigation systems market is expected to increase during the forecast period. Infotainment systems are widely used in automobiles. Automotive navigation systems are satellite based navigation systems designed which use GPS (global positioning system) in automobiles. These systems are advancement to traditional "dead reckoning instrumentation" system.

Rapid Advancements in Lte Advanced 5G Market to Fuel Revenues Through 2021

LogoOnline advertising is likewise known as internet advertising or digital advertising which makes usage of the cyberspace to communicate the promotional marketing message to the customers.

Growing Demand for Mobile Phone and Smart Phone Market to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2021

LogoLTE (long term evolution) advanced is a mobile communication standard and a key enhancement in long term evolution. Current LTE technology offers internet speed of up to 150Mbps (mega-bytes per second), whereas LTE advanced is capable of offering internet speed of 300 Mbps. 5G is a 5th generation wireless system which denotes the advanced phase of mobile telecommunication standards, ahead of the current IMT (international mobile telecommunications) advanced or 4G standards. 5G can offer internet speed between 10 Gbps (giga-bytes per second) to 100 Gbps. In addition, 5G provides ultra low latency range between 1ms and 10ms, while 4G technology can offer low latency range between 40ms and 60ms. With ultra low latency range end-users can watch live stream of sports matches over internet. Rising demand for high internet speed to get real time response is one of the major factors driving the development of latest technologies such as LTE advanced and 5G.

Increasing Demand for Intermodal Freight Transportation Market to Push Global Market Revenue Growth During 2015–2021

LogoCellular phones with basic facilities such as text messaging, voice calling, audio and video visualization and camera are referred to as mobile phones. Cellular phones that offer advanced computing abilities such as Wi-Fi, web browsing, third-party applications and mobile payment, solutions for information management, such as documents, emails and contacts, inbuilt GPS applications, and provides features such as voice and video calls and web access are referred to as smart phones. Apart from being a communication device, smart phones offer additional features such as internet access, Bluetooth, gaming, camera, multimedia messaging, FM radio, and multimedia functionalities. With technological advancements, phablets are witnessing gradual growth traction and has resulted in a decline in the rate of adoption for laptops and personal digital assistants globally. Recent years have witnessed a substantial change in the dynamics and structure of the global mobile phone and smart phone landscape. Currently, mobile phones and smart phones market is experiencing proliferation owing to factors such as decreased cost, improved design and functionalities such as enhancement in mobile browsing and email services, the emergence of new network technologies such as 3G and 4G, improved professional and personal data supervision and the standardization and up-gradation of all operating systems.

Business Analytics and Enterprise Software Publishing Market Revenue to Record Stellar Growth Rate During 2015–2021

LogoIntermodal transportation is the process of combining more than one mode of transportation for movement of people or delivery of goods. There are basically two types of intermodal transportation, namely, intermodal freight transportation and intermodal passenger transportation. Intermodal freight transportation is the process of transporting goods in vehicles by using various modes of transportation such as ship, rail or truck. This method of transportation allows faster transportation of freights, reduces the cargo handling activity and damages involved and therefore improves security. Reduced costs and faster delivery time are the prime benefits of implementing intermodal freight transportation.

Global Market for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Market to Record Heightened Sales During the Forecast Period

LogoSales revenue of liquid ring vacuum pumps globally is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 5.2% over the forecast period to reach more than US$ 2,500 Mn by 2024 end. The global liquid ring vacuum pump market is expected to represent incremental opportunity of US$ 954.1 Mn between 2016 and 2024. Consumption of liquid ring vacuum pumps globally is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 4.6% to reach 247,013 units by 2024.

Sales Revenue of Us Combined Heat and Power Systems Market to Receive a Fillip Owing to Burgeoning Demand During the Forecast Period

LogoThe institutional segment in the U.S. combined heat and power system for data center market is expected to gain 10 BPS during the assessment period. This segment is expected to be valued at close to US$ 150 Mn by 2024 end and is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 3.4 % in terms of value over the forecast period. The institutional segment is expected to be the most attractive segment with respect to market share index and CAGR index. Colleges/universities, general government offices, military/national security, miscellaneous education, schools and space research and technology centers have been included in the institutional segment. Colleges/universities are estimated to account for a major revenue share in the institutional segment in the U.S combined heat and power system for data center market.

Asia Pacific Peracetic Acid Market to Create Lucrative Opportunities for Existing Companies as Well as New Players

LogoEnd use segment is anticipated to play a crucial role in the expansion of the Asia Pacific Peracetic Acid market

Growth in Sales of Geocells Market to Be Largely Driven by Rising Consumer Adoption

LogoGeocells are also known as cellular confinement systems. They are three dimensional mats that resemble a honey comb structure and is made of high density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester or other polymeric alloys. Geocells are mainly used in the construction sector in the areas related to earth reinforcement, slope protection, channel protection, load support and tree root protection. The primary market of Geocells is the geosynthetics market and they are estimated to represent around 5.6% share in terms of volume consumption in the overall geosynthetics market.