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Global Smart Motor Market to Observe Strong Development by 2022

LogoSmart motor is a highly programmable digital motor which can be programmed and work accordingly as per requirement of application. It can easily store the information related to its speed and can change it immediately with the single pressing of a button or after a particular given time. These smart motor is integrated with an encoder, an amplifier, motor driver, communication buses, dual port Ethernet port, and USB interface for programming, remote terminal unit (RTU), half duplex communication port and IOs. The microcontroller integrated with smart motor detects the presence of load on the shaft and correspondingly adjust the power extraction to the load. The main specialty of the smart motor is its ability to produce highest torque at lowest speed. The technological advancement and innovation brings the smart motor to completely new stage, now smart motors can support industrial Ethernet protocol including Ether CAT and PROFINET. The main applications of this smart motor is in industrial automation and robotics applications, which are undoubtedly the emerging sectors across the globe and hence the demand of smart motor is also rising up in global market.

Global DLP Projector Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2016 - 2022

LogoDLP is an abbreviation used for digital light processing, a display device works on optical micro electromechanical technology using digital micro mirrors. Digital light processing works on 'reflection' phenomenon instead of passing light through liquid crystal material like in LCD. In DLP, light is reflected from panels called digital micro mirror devices or DMDs. These DMDs consist of thousands of very tiny reflective mirrors, each tiny mirror reflects a single pixel of the resolution of projected image. Upon the projection of light over these tiny mirrors they start move back and forth towards or away from the lens inside the projector. For the projection of colored light, projector has a colored wheel comprises of three filters of different colors mainly red, green and blue.

Failure Analysis Market to Develop Rapidly by 2027

LogoNorth America failure analysis market is expected to have the largest revenue share in 2015 followed by other regions.

Enterprise Content Management Solution Market to Be at Forefront by 2025

LogoIncrease in application of satellite services for various vertical applications, cost effective solutions offered and improved quality of service offered through VSAT is enabling the enterprises to opt for VSAT services.

Enterprise Content Management Solution Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2025

LogoGlobal Enterprise Content Management Solution Market: Introduction

Contactless PoS Terminal Market Projected to Gain Significant Value by 2027

LogoA contactless PoS terminal is connected as a peripheral to the PoS. Introducing contactless feature at any PoS incurs complexity and incremental costs. This may also depend on merchant decision and may impact obligation for card fraud.

Wireless Network Security Market to Reap Excessive Revenues by 2027

LogoThe major factors driving the market of wireless network security are advanced telecommunication and high adoption of internet of things.

Global Complex Event Processing Market to Register a Strong Growth by 2024

LogoComplex event processing (CEP) technology is being increasingly adopted in various industry sectors driven by growing need for management and analytical capabilities for high amount of data emerging from operations. The traditional software for data analysis take significant processing time and their response to for possible business threat is high. This is driving the growth in demand for technologies such as CEP, which can provide rapid or real-time detection and response. Further, unprecedented market risks, security threats and need for simpler and consumer-oriented analytical software is expected to drive the growth of CEP market. The various types of CEP technologies include query-based, rule-based, and status-based CEP engines.

Global Demand Response System Market to Record an Impressive Growth Rate 2024

LogoDemand Response System is a tool which provides changes in the usage of electricity on the basis of demand by end users. Demand Response System helps in making the balance between demand and supply of the electricity. Demand response helps in providing response to a fault or loss of generation of electricity.

M2M Wireless Services Market to Develop Rapidly by 2024

LogoMachine to machine (M2M) wireless communication has helped the computer networks to expand beyond one-to-one system communication. M2M wireless communication allows different machines/ computers to be networked together for free and easy communication. Advanced M2M services offer communication of number of computers with other devices. This includes communication such as telephonic calls, emails and access to data stored on a common server. M2M wireless services provide primary as well as backup network for different organizations such as retail stores, offices and others. Machine to machine is also referred to as telemetry that allows communication between different machines and people in an organization. These services are typically used in areas with no fixed infrastructure for wired communication such as fiber and asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). M2M wireless services provide uninterrupted communication between different machines. This may also include connection between a main office and its branch offices. Advanced M2M services are designed to connect with the third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) networks to ensure high speed and reliable communication. This enables organizations to continuously track and manage their machines/infrastructure in real time.