StudioProper Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start the Manufacturing of 'Proper Audio - PA1: Mountable Bluetooth Speaker'

LogoThe PA1 is a beautiful Aluminum bodied speaker paired right down to what's most important, focusing immensely on sound output and quality. StudioProper decided to keep the PA1 wired due to the sacrifice that portable battery speakers make when it comes to high quality audio. PA1 is well balanced and a joy to experience.

Pop, Rock and Hip Hop Singer Bella Queen Be' Be' Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Worldwide Release of Her Album "the Real Queen Bee"

LogoChelsea Queen Esther Scott (nicknamed Be' Be') is a singer and songwriter from Chicago. Her trademarked stage name is Bella Queen Be' Be'. She is a pop, rock and hip hop singer. She has been singing with "The Little Pearls and Junior Pearls" as a children's Choir singer since she was seven years old. Chelsea went to a Performing Arts school in Chicago and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Arts.

Boyd Johnson Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Develop MPay-Mobile, a Cloud Base Mobile Payment Solution for the Trucking Industry

LogoBoyd Johnson is one of the founders of MPay “Mobile Cloud Payment Technology”, A Cloud base mobile payment solution for processing payment & advances for brokers and drivers in the trucking industry (B2B).

Director Dan Frank Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo for His Upcoming Documentary 'The Green Fairy'

LogoThis is a movie that was started by Dan Frank while he was living in France. It is the history of Absinthe from 1730 to 1915. It will be a 3D Fantasy Documentary.

Joshua Sanchez Starts Indiegogo Campaign with a Funding Goal of $20,000 to Introduce Healthy Alternative Snack Gorilla Grub

LogoJoshua Sanchez has always been an advocate of healthy living. 6 months ago, he was inspired by his 2 year old daughter to create a healthy snack that was not only good for her, but that she could enjoy. That's how Gorilla Grub Co was born.

Mike Cassidy Looks to Raise $10,000 via Indiegogo for the Orphaned and Destitute Children in Nepal

LogoMike Cassidy began his volunteer work in Nepal in 2002 when he secured a leave of absence from ACME markets to teach English to Ophthalmic assistants at the Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal.

Founder Andrea Buri Looks to Raise $30,000 via Indiegogo for His Smartwatch Project 'Spell'

LogoSpell™ is a smartwatch project that wants to bring airwriting as a way of enhancing interaction with digital devices. The motion sensing technology embedded in new smartwatches will enable the recognition of fast and light movements, produced with a flick of the wrist by writing letters in the air. With a short training, Spell™ will be able to recognize one’s writing style and let him/her airwrite quick replies to messages, notes, responses to the Smartphone’s digital assistant. Spell™ comes with an open development platform for new applications that lets air writing gestures communicate to Bluetooth 4.0 devices.

Producer Stefania Zini and Team Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Their Upcoming Venture Co.Existence

LogoCo.Existence is the title of a series of full-length documentary films that will be made with funding support from this campaign.

Director Paul Taylor Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo for the YDP Dreaming Project

LogoFrom the Northern Territory of Australia to the plains of the United States and elsewhere across the planet, human civilization is faced with the extinction of indigenous wisdom that has been there for thousands of years. This tragedy is being played out most profoundly in the fragile lands of the Victoria River region of the Northern Territory of Australia, Paul Taylor’s homeland.

Elmer Dalton Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Help Amy Regain Her Mobility with a Custom Power Chair

LogoAmy is the love of Elmer Dalton’s life. She has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years. Elmer has been able to support Amy with many of her needs including a van that allows Amy to get in and out easily.