SingWith Limited Create an Interactive Music Service Through a Unique Mobile and Web Platform with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoSingWith created the ultimate Music User experience: Users can infinitely customize their favorite songs and create their own versions in the SingWith virtual recording studio without any special music equipment.

Victor Vega Looks to Fund a Charity Startup for Military Veterans via Go Fund Me

LogoVictor Vega is a United States Marine Corps veteran. Being a disabled veteran himself, he knows the difficulties and hassles that come with trying to receive a small amount of assistance and support from the government, even less now that many things have been cut back and reduced for Veterans, Current Active and Reserve Military, and their families.

David LeTourneau Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for His Upcoming Film 'The Patsy'

LogoIn the early 1950's, an intelligence operation was underway that involved teenagers. These teenagers had parallel but separate lives, often living near each other. The "Ultimate Goal" was, in the future, to switch their identities if needed.

Cofounders Japer Ho and Karen Tang Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Bubo Personalized Smart Home Solution.

LogoBubo is a tiny device containing a speaker, HD camera, microphone, LED light, SD card, and Z-Wave module. It allows users to monitor their house from anywhere in the world. This device acts as the central hub that communicates with all the household sensors.

The Tea Chest Starts Indiegogo Fundraiser to Introduce Their New Product Line 'Mamaki: Wellness in a Cup'

LogoMamaki is a natural healing herb that grows in Hawaii’s tropical rainforest. The Tea Chest is all set to create new delicious tea blends with Mamaki so that more people can benefit from the power of this super plant.

Start-Up Company Soapets LLC. Looks to Raise $10,000+ via Indiegogo for the Commercial Launch of Soapets Cleansing Utility

LogoSoapets LLC. is a start-up company founded by the gifted entrepreneur, Allan Rubinfeld, as a means to bring his revolutionary, simple utility, to commercial life. The initial product offered by Soapets LLC is a Soapet bath/shower utility cleverly disguised as a toy! Through the help of family and friends, Allan was able to see his dream become a reality!! Soapets LLC. is in the process of taking over everything in the bathroom with intriguingly useful and fun products, all starting with the Soapet itself.

Cristian Beniamin Cirstescu Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Continue His Fight Against Hemophilia

LogoCristian was diagnosed with Hemophilia at the age of 1. As he grew up, Cristian learned that he is different and he came to terms with it. He does not like asking for help or burdening others with his problems. However, He is now at a point where he is forced to do it in order to continue his existence.

Show Promoter Dan Tuchmann Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Stage 'Phantasm*Con, the Show with Balls'

LogoThe Retr-O-Rama Pop Culture Show’s goal is to bring the cast & creative genius of the Phantasm movie franchise to Jacksonville Florida for fans to meet the stars.

Jacob Guell, CPDT Is Seeking Funding Assistance from Indiegogo Community for His Upcoming Venture 'Tails for Life'

LogoThis campaign is raising funds on behalf of Special Needs Network Nfp, a verified nonprofit. The objective of the fundraiser is to help save a puppy from a shelter and let them save/change an individuals life. Shelter puppies will be trained as Assistance Dogs.

Kicking Daisies Look to Record an Album, Go on Tour & Film a Music Video with Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoKicking Daisies started out life as a guitar & drum driven co-ed kid rock band and won Radio Disney's Next Big Thing in 2010.