The Most Innovative Fintech Will Not Be Found at CES but All over Las Vegas This Week

LogoPioneer Online Broker ChoiceTrade Running Pop Up Demos All Over Sin City

ChoiceTrade Holdings Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Expansion Offerings

LogoA Micro-Investing app, crypto security token trading and secondary market trading of private equity securities are all in the works.

REBO: The World's First Water Bottle That Cleans the Planet as People Drink Launched on Indiegogo

LogoEverywhere you look there's plastic. We use it and throw it away from the early morning when we eat a cup of yogurt for breakfast, when we eat a takeaway lunch, or drink a bottle of water. Plastic production is estimated to double in the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050(1). Water bottles are a special case. They are consumed at an alarming rate of 1 million bottles per minute worldwide. This is true even in countries like Switzerland where tap water from the Alps is of the highest quality. The problem with plastic is that when not properly disposed, it ends up polluting the planet. Plastic waste washes up on the shores of distant islands off-limits to the public. It appears in the stomachs of fish and birds. It is estimated that if we continue consuming plastic at this rate by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans (1). "Winning the battle against plastic waste is in our hands" comments PierAndrea Quarta, Founder and CEO of REBO. "We are running out of time to stay still and wait for someone else to solve our problems. REBO puts technology in your hands to make an impact while you drink."

Foodies and Spicy Fans Should Fund Mayhem; the Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Mayhem Foods

LogoMichael Francis, like so many of us, is a fan of spicy food. What he found lacking was flavor that could match the spice. Indeed, he found that as the level of heat in his food increased the flavor decreased. This inspired him to launch Mayhem Foods in 2017 to deliver spices, seasonings, sauces, mustards and jams that are as full of flavor as they are spicy.

Connection Publishing Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for Nationwide Expansion

LogoConnection Publishing is a community magazine company that partners with cities to replace the traditional city newsletter with a full-featured, full-color news magazine. They partner with a city to become their official magazine which publishes official city news as well as fun and engaging human interest stories from the local community. Their magazines highlight outstanding students, local hiking trails, recipes, restaurant and business spotlights, and local history in each monthly issue. This provides a hyper-local magazine for the communities they serve while also providing a source for local businesses to advertise their products and services.

Online Broker ChoiceTrade Slashes Trading Fees to Zero and Caps Option Commission at $50 a Month

LogoChoiceTrade is excited about the industry's recent move to lower stock trading commissions to zero as it expects to see CFD traders come back to US brokers. Contract for Difference (CFDs) is a type of equity swap that was developed in the early 1990's that allowed traders to trade commission-free with high leverage against their CFD platform with no fees. The flip side, however, left traders exposed to significant capital risk with CFD brokers who were not subject to US broker standards of regulatory oversight. Weak industry regulation, counterparty trading risk, and a lack of account protection were all risks of CFD trading.

Crowdfund Buzz Celebrates Seven Years as a Crowdfunding Leader

LogoCrowdfund Buzz founder Matt Cooke had no idea what he started back in October 2012 when he launched Crowdfund Buzz. Way back then, crowdfunding promotion packages were on offer for $68, $78 and $98. Nowadays, Crowdfund Buzz has a price range of $1,500 to $12,000 - and beyond.

Los Angeles Business Owner Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Take Her Fitness Center Independent

LogoFor four years Shauna Robinson has been the proud owner of a Total Woman Gym & Spa franchise in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles. A pioneer at the time, Shauna was the very first franchisee in the corporation's 50-year history when she opened her location in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall.

Betsy Ross Flag Sneakers Are on Sale Now and Everyone Can Afford a Pair

LogoInteresting things happened after Nike pulled the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July right out of stores and right before they were set to go on sale. The $120 pair of shoes are now available for about $5,000 on various websites and Rush Limbaugh. to thumb his nose at the whole flag fiasco, sold over 300,000 Betsy Ross Flag t-shirts generating a $3 million donation to charity.

Palate Club Rolls out First-of-Its-Kind Wine Club to Discerning Wine Lovers

LogoEvery oenophile is invited to create their wine taste profile through blind taste testing, leading to a monthly delivery of wine that would make a sommelier smile.