Investors Invited to Check out Vizrom's Equity Crowdfunding Campaign for a Smart License Plate

LogoThe license plates found on cars today are little different now than a hundred years ago. They display next to no information and, even then, is only updates once per year. Vizrom is developing an electronic license plate to automate license plate renewal and to generate real-time driving data using E-paper display.

Cookie Legend Wally Amos Launches His Next and Last Venture – Aunt Della's Cookies

LogoMost people who reach the exalted status of octogenarian have few if any goals. Pop icon and industry pioneer Wally Amos, age 82, is not most people. He never was and he never will be. He's way beyond the norm or the usual. With past clients such as Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Simon and Garfunkel when he was a talent agent with William Morris, nobody should be surprised that Wally Amos is still at it, still energized and still engaged with the desire to please the public. After a series of business misadventures over the years, Wally Amos remains undeterred from pursuing his passion and doing his very best to make people happy. Visit any supermarket or convenience store and Wally Amos' handiwork is on display and on sale in several flavors and sizes. Wally wants the world to buy HIS cookies – the ones that made him famous when he started back in 1975 – with his original recipe and unswerving commitment to only using the finest possible ingredients of the highest quality. Wally Amos has been itching to get back into the cookie business for well over a year with a vision for his next and last venture; Aunt Della's Cookies. Challenges and distractions kept him from pursuing his dream but did not deter him. By a series of fateful events that could only be called chain lightning, Wally connected with a customer who wanted to reorder cookies from Wally's previous venture in Hawaii. This customer was trying to reorder from the website for weeks but couldn't because the website stopped working. Emails were ignored and this customer was in a panic as he was down to his last bag of Wally Amos cookies. In desperation, this customer drilled through search engines to find a number for Cookie Kahuna. He found it. He called. He left voicemail. Wally himself called back later that same day and the rest, as they say, is history. Partnering with desperate customer and seasoned businessman Howard Sherman, Wally is positive he can recapture his glory as the best purveyor of cookies in the business. Howard has been the head of the world's #1 crowdfunding PR and consulting firm Crowdfund Buzz and paved the way for Wally to raise the capital he needs to realize his vision for Aunt Della's Cookies via Indiegogo. Everyone who wants to make history and taste history while making a man in his twilight years happy is encouraged to visit the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and place their cookie order. Every customer will be rewarded not only with Wally Amo's legendary cookies using the original recipe, every customer will be given a free vacation to the place of their choice among eight desirable destinations. The Aunt Della's Cookies Crowdfunding Campaign -

Internet Technologies Corporation Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign for domWindows

LogoCloud computing has changed the way businesses operate while also changing the fortunes of Technology titans like Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft and Oracle who are booking more revenue than ever thanks in part to cloud computing. Along with all of these industry giants come different clouds, each with their own interface. Tying it all together into one unified interface is domWindows.

uBreakiFix Franchisee in the Midwest Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for Rapid Expansion

LogoWhen a smartphone dives into a swimming pool or shatters after crashing on the floor, frantic owners turn to Google to search for a repair solution. Upon their search, they will find uBreakiFix who has strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, including Samsung and Google. uBreakiFix provides Samsung Galaxy customers and Google Pixel and Pixelbook customers with manufacturer-backed, same-day repair services using genuine parts. Through the partnership with Samsung, Galaxy owners can get in and out-of-warranty repairs with most repairs completed in two hours or less.

G3C Technologies Corporation Has Launched Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Roll out New Generation Tire Recycling Technology

LogoResponsible citizens of the world are understandably concerned about the plastic crisis taking over our landfills, beaches and oceans but little attention has been paid to an equally grave threat to the environment: tossed away tires. With hundreds of millions of vehicles on roads worldwide, billions of old tires are disposed of with scant care taken to curb the environmental impact of millions of tons of waste generated… until now.

Voxello Launches Equity Crowdfunding to Roll out Medical Technology Designed to Enhance Patient-Provider Communication

LogoSince the time of Hippocrates, a core component of medical treatment has been doctor-patient communication. The cliché question of "Where does it hurt?" never had the mute patient in mind. Recent statistics document nearly four million patients who were simply incapable of communication one way or another. This frustration inflicts a very different kind of pain and suffering; the frustration of a patient who has thoughts and feelings and much to say about "where it hurts" or how they feel in general but cannot convey this vital information to physicians and other healthcare providers.

The Gstar Foundation Launches ICO for the Gstar Coin; a Cryptocoin Intended to Be Used, Not Traded

LogoFuture society will be led by big data, artificial intelligence and IOT, and will be a society where rapid change and development coexist. In that society, information security and transaction speed are very important values. In this era, block chains and cryptocurrency techniques will be developed and applied in various ways.

As Retailers Compete to Compel Americans to Spend More Money Than Ever This Holiday Season, One Company Coaxes Consumers to Save and Grow Their Money

LogoWhen Americans consider the benefits of saving their money for the future, their thinking often becomes clouded. Standard savings accounts offer an average interest rate of just .06% with premium savings accounts paying up to 2% with one requirement; an exceptionally high average daily balance. While these rates are not appealing, the bigger picture is also not a pretty one; these interest rates do not outpace inflation which means people actually LOSE money when they park their cash in these types of accounts. On the other end of the spectrum, many higher yielding investments are out of the reach of most Americans due to requirements such as high account minimums or even regulatory hurdles.

Thatcher Finch Celebrates Cyber Monday with 50% Discounts Through Their Successful Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDesigners of the leather shoes produced by Thatcher Finch aren't shoemakers; they're artists. That's because they are the same men and women who work for some of the most innovative branding companies in the world. Their design artistry is deeply rooted in brand identity, graphic design, and cause-oriented initiatives. The Thatcher Finch team created an attainable, expressive, ultra-luxury dress shoe that comes packed with features and is designed for comfort. The traditional construction of men's boots and shoes are combined with their innovative design and bold patterns. Thatcher Finch shoes are built for the progressive stylist.

Renewable Carbon Management Launches Equity Crowdfunding for New Subsidiary NaturSoil California

LogoHealthy soils are essential to healthy plants, animals, and humans. Renewable Carbon Management (RCM) technology is designed by operators for operators, elegant in its simplicity. They produce up to 4% nitrogen-rich bio-fertilizer using an internationally patented methodology. Such high nitrogen density makes the RCM composting solution suitable for large scale agricultural operations in addition to every other segment of the fertilizer market.