Unique Smart Home Water System Mitte Achieves Three Times Its Kickstarter Funding Goal

LogoMitte is delighted to reveal that their ongoing Kickstarter campaign has been a grand success. A first of its kind smart home water system, Mitte utilizes a two-step process to purify water and enhance its quality. Company sources have informed that their Kickstarter campaign started with a funding goal of €75,000 and has already received contributions worth close to €225,000 in just 3 weeks.

Gates of TAU LLC Launches Kickstarter for the Road to Bethlehem

Logo'The Road to Bethlehem' is the next generation in RPGs - a 'REAL Playing Game'. It is the first game to use the innovative gameplay engine – REAL Challenges System. Players who never experienced RPG games will easily slip into the gaming system. In just a few minutes, friends and family are underway on their adventure to and through Bethlehem.

Stefanie Huber Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Cover the Initial Production Cost for Kuviez

LogoA full time mom and wife, Stefanie Huber is the proud creator of a designer bedding for kids that she has named Kuviez. Stefanie claims that the innovative button design of the product eliminates the hassle of daily bed making for moms, while creating a happy sleeping space for their little ones.

Paul Watkins Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce BASEbelt Pocket Storage Solution to an Everyday Problem in Form Fitted Clothing, the Small Pocket Problem

LogoPaul Watkins, the creator of BASEbelt, claims that this upcoming product will be the most innovative and useful pocket belt to hit the market in many years. Created by a Hawaii based company, the idea of BASEbelt was conceived to provide a solution to a very noticable problem: most form fitted attire on the market does not have a good storage solutions. BASEbelt was designed to be worn with just about any attire with its subtle look and the cargo pocket size can be compacted as needed to store smartphone, keys, a wallet, and other every day carry items. Later on, the company has added comfort, function, and utility to make it suitable for the adventure-loving individuals of the current generation.

White Lightning Films Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Making of "The King of New Mexico"

LogoWhite Lightning Films, a team of film professionals that believes in shaking things up, is all set to come up with the first Elvis Presley themed film that will be financed primarily with funds from Elvis fans around the world. Through their upcoming film, The King of New Mexico, the producers are aiming to bring millions of Elvis fans around the world together. They are also looking to set a record for film funding on Indiegogo by raising $5 million, out of which $150,000 will be donated to charity.

Hurricane Flooding Can Be a Thing of the Past with Green Way Pavements

LogoWhen Green Way Pavements installed their Mission Grid product on the parking lot for an organization in Binghamton located in a flood zone, everyone was delighted when the project received FEMA approval.

IoTurn Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce iScale, the Ultra Scalable and Modular App-Controlled IoT Scale

LogoAn ultra modular IoT scale, iScale was designed by two high school students as a part of their school project. The creators claim that this is the world's most scalable and modular weight measurement system, capable of weighing from one gram to hundreds of kilograms by connecting multiple load cells depending on the the items to weigh. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched on August 30, 2017 to raise $9,000 for this project.

Light & Salt Interactive Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start the Mass Production of Curve, the World's First Illuminated Scenario-Driven Keyboard

LogoLight & Salt Interactive is all set to introduce Curve, the world's first ever fully illuminated scenario-driven keyboard. After developing the product's prototype last year, the company has spent almost an entire year fixing different problems and perfecting their manufacturing process. They have just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 that will help them start mass manufacturing Curve.

Maxi Creators Achieves Kickstarter Crowd Funding Goal to Introduce Content for Kids That Science and Spiritual Wisdom Affirms Essential for Well Being

LogoMaxi Creators is pleased to announce that their recently launched Kickstarter campaign has just achieved the funding goal of $6,000. The company committed to creating books, toys, music, apps. The artistic products from Maxi Creators are also suitable for teenagers and adults.

The Sun Sets Tomorrow on the Kickstarter for Shader Personal Sun Protection

LogoWhat happens when a company rolls out an outdoors product with portable shade, personal cooling and solar-powered mobile charging? The world takes notice and orders start pouring in. That's exactly what happened when the Australian design company HGT Innovations launched their Kickstarter last month for Shader.