Sagoon Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Roll out a Next-Generation Shopping and Social Platform

LogoAs the Internet has continued to evolve, we've seen significant shifts in society itself. Online shopping has displaced bricks and mortar retail while fundamentally changing the way people communicate with each other. To that end, social media has become a steady influence in our everyday lives, with 2.8 billion people across the globe now using at least one network. E-commerce is no different, as we're now able to shop from anywhere, at any time, on any device and buy anything. According to recent estimates, the global business-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce market could reach $1 Trillion by 2020 leaving retail victims such as Sears, Toys R US and other retail legend in its wae.

Virtual QE Inc Has the Solution to the Unfilled Jobs Problem Created by the Expanding Economy

LogoWith the Labor Day holiday around the corner, workers have a lot to celebrate.

Heleum LLC Launches First-of-Its Kind Cryptocurrency Investment Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoHeleum LLC was created by brothers Pace & Taylor Ellsworth and their colleague Dan Pratt. The team brainstormed and came up with the investment automation concept for their first app, Heleum, in November 2015: a mesh network of currency values that would reduce the risk of trading while increasing the reward, compared to the inverse risk/reward inherent to the world's prevailing binary paradigm. Heleum eliminates all of the guesswork of investing allowing ordinary people to put their money to work for them. From there Heleum puts its own money where their mouth is; they only make money when the investor makes money.

Natural Dynamic Systems Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Develop Next-Generation Virtual Reality Tech

LogoGoing beyond sight and sound, founder Nathan Schreibfeder envisions a total-immersion VR experience.

Sun Fund Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Expand Their Roll out of Solar Power Projects

LogoSun Fund is a vertically integrated renewable energy company that develops and owns profitable solar projects. Their projects generate predictable, cash flows with long-term power purchase agreements.

HERO – The Dog Bowl That Banishes Bacteria

LogoWe all love our pets and wash their bowls thoroughly every day… right? But did you know that this is not enough to kill the germs; as microbes, such as bacteria, mold and fungi continue to grow and multiply rapidly even after thorough cleaning. Nobody wants to use harmful chemicals but how else do we eliminate bacteria in our dog's food and water bowls? Interestingly, 67% of a dog's water bowls coming out of the dishwasher still have salmonella bacteria. A study has shown a canine food or water bowl is the fourth dirtiest surface in our homes after the kitchen sponge, kitchen sink and our toothbrush holder (According to the NSF - National Sanitation Foundation).

Startup Stodo Brings Big City Delivery Services to Small Towns and Suburbia

LogoThe New York City suburb of Naugatuck, Connecticut ended up as an unsuspecting test bed for a disruptive delivery service that brings city slicker services to sleepy suburbia. Stodo has completed over 4,000 orders in a test market that sits $15,000+ below the state's median income. This has reinforced the fact that even if a person, household, or family doesn't have an exorbitant amount of disposable income, Stodo is still more of a necessity than a convenience in certain situations.

Locking Line Barriers Corporation Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Roll out WaterBlocks - a NEW Technology; Rapidly-Deployable Flood Control and Barrier System

LogoJoe Daniluk was stuck in Long Beach, California babysitting flooded freight cars by order of the world-famous Lloyds of London insurance company. He had to check on the insured railway freight every eight hours which made his life miserable for a number of days. Shaking his head at the ineffectiveness of the sandbags deployed in the rail yard got him thinking. Stuck in his hotel room with nothing else to do, he made an entrepreneurial proclamation that's been said so often and ended up changing the world so many times; "There's got to be a better way."

Serebrum Lab Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Advance Shadowcore VR; a First Person Shooter Intensified with Virtual Reality

LogoSerebrum Lab has shipped a VR shooter game named "ShadowCore VR" to Steam with preliminary player classes and levels paving the way to a full rollout depending upon reaching their Indiegogo funding goals.

TraceFree Takes on Big Tech, Launches Kickstarter for the World's First True Privacy Web Browser

LogoUnlike every other browser on the market today including Google's Chrome Incognito and Apple Safari's Private Browsing, TraceFree is the world's ONLY completely secure and anonymous browser, where its users' devices are never touched by any site visited. The revolutionary TraceFree browser enables its users to now hide their identity, location and device from any and all prying eyes. Corporate intrusion on privacy, be it Cambridge Analytica or Facebook itself or Google, who collects much more user data than Facebook, or any other firm is foiled by TraceFree's quantum leap forward in online privacy.