As Retailers Compete to Compel Americans to Spend More Money Than Ever This Holiday Season, One Company Coaxes Consumers to Save and Grow Their Money

LogoWhen Americans consider the benefits of saving their money for the future, their thinking often becomes clouded. Standard savings accounts offer an average interest rate of just .06% with premium savings accounts paying up to 2% with one requirement; an exceptionally high average daily balance. While these rates are not appealing, the bigger picture is also not a pretty one; these interest rates do not outpace inflation which means people actually LOSE money when they park their cash in these types of accounts. On the other end of the spectrum, many higher yielding investments are out of the reach of most Americans due to requirements such as high account minimums or even regulatory hurdles.

Thatcher Finch Celebrates Cyber Monday with 50% Discounts Through Their Successful Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDesigners of the leather shoes produced by Thatcher Finch aren't shoemakers; they're artists. That's because they are the same men and women who work for some of the most innovative branding companies in the world. Their design artistry is deeply rooted in brand identity, graphic design, and cause-oriented initiatives. The Thatcher Finch team created an attainable, expressive, ultra-luxury dress shoe that comes packed with features and is designed for comfort. The traditional construction of men's boots and shoes are combined with their innovative design and bold patterns. Thatcher Finch shoes are built for the progressive stylist.

Renewable Carbon Management Launches Equity Crowdfunding for New Subsidiary NaturSoil California

LogoHealthy soils are essential to healthy plants, animals, and humans. Renewable Carbon Management (RCM) technology is designed by operators for operators, elegant in its simplicity. They produce up to 4% nitrogen-rich bio-fertilizer using an internationally patented methodology. Such high nitrogen density makes the RCM composting solution suitable for large scale agricultural operations in addition to every other segment of the fertilizer market.

Retired NFL Player Chris Kolodziejski of the Pittsburgh Steelers Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for Chella

LogoFunding is sought to fuel expansion of this proven cosmetics company that, on a level playing field, has historically delivered profits and growth year over year.

Rhino Hide Announces Bulletproof Wall Filler to Protect Students and Staff from Active Shooters

LogoGroundbreaking new two-part liquid pours into existing walls and hardens to become bulletproof – allows kids and staff to shelter in place until the police arrive.

WOW Sports Network Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for COMPETE: Gamified Sports and AR Technology

LogoCOMPETE is a ground-breaking sports mobile app with video game features enhanced by augmented reality (AR) that is introducing a paradigm shift in sports play. That's because COMPETE is positioned to revolutionize participation in all sports in the world's largest amateur sports league. The app aims to motivate people to get off the couch and try a new activity by tapping into the inspirational human element of competition. Perhaps more compelling, according to the Physical Activities Council, having someone to play with is the single biggest motivator for people to be active. The COMPETE app will gamify real sports play, allowing people to measure their sports performances against their peers, providing benchmarks which will motivate them to play more and try harder.

ConsideredThoughtfully Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Deliver Virtual Mentoring

LogoIn the modern age, digital delivery of valuable content isn't limited to what we can stream on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. Perhaps the most valuable content any career-minded individual can stream is mentoring and coaching to take their career to the next level. To that end, ConsideredThoughtfully created a unique, affordable delivery system, which puts mentoring into the hands of [or: makes mentoring interactions available to] everyone and that is accessible anytime, anywhere. The content on offer is tailored to individual needs, priorities and interests.

EG Daily Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Awareness for Love of Self

LogoThere are very few celebrities who can claim to have been heard or seen by the vast majority of the population of planet earth. EG Daily is an established member in this very exclusive club. Over her 40 year career – starting when she was just eight years old and showing no signs of slowing down - she's appeared in several hit Hollywood films and popular TV shows, released successful albums and singles, did voice acting in many other TV shows and films and even lent the power of her voice to power up video games. Now the power of her voice is intent on delivering a message that's much more inspiring than it is entertaining.

Real Estate Investment Disruptor "Everyday Capital, LLC" Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoDelaware-based Everyday Capital LLC just launched their own crowdfunding platform to raise funding in pursuit of an area of real estate investment previously overlooked; single family homes. In a market where multi-unit dwellings and commercial property get all of the attention and acceptance. Everyday Capital LLC is going after distressed properties of every kind in addition to the more traditional property investments investors have come to expect. Everyday Capital, LLC is gathering a real estate investment fund designed to uniquely stand out from traditional models, by offering investments that have a social impact while hedging the ebbs and flows of the real estate market. The largest competitive advantage Everyday Capital, LLC has is its ability to continuously find off-market deeply discounted properties through a large database of sponsor relationships.

GarageSkins, Inc. Launches Second Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Their Innovative Home Improvement System to Market

LogoWith Round Two Exceeding its Minimum Funding Goal by Over 1200%, GarageSkins, Inc. Is On Track to Enter the Mass Market With Home Improvement Like No Other – Dressing up the Boring Garage Door.