CiSApp Expands Equity Crowdfunding Campaign in Response to Investor Demand

LogoCrowdfunding Platform MicroVentures Increases Funding Limit to Accommodate Surges of New Capital.

The Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation Is Raising Capital via Crowdfunding to Accelerate Development & Expand Their Footprint

LogoThe Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC), is an A.I. as a Service (AIaaS) Provider with A.I. Research, and Product Development, as well as Digitization Services for the Front & Back Office for Small & Midsize Businesses, such as A.I. / (5G) Mobile Commerce Services.

Inventor Leo Perry Seeks Crowdfunding to Bring His Revolutionary Pillow Cleaner to Market

LogoIt's a little-known fact that breathing or drooling onto a pillow during sleep can transfer viruses onto the pillow. The virus may not only stay on the pillow cover but can also enter the pillow stuffing, becoming a potential source of virus transmission including covid-19. When this came to the attention of entrepreneur Leo Perry he swung into action to create the first of its kind pillow washing machine.

Eyedaptic Raising Capital to Expand Line of Augmented Reality Products for the Visually Impaired

LogoThis healthtech empowering people to see better is not just game changing – it is life changing

New Biodegradable Toothbrush That Saves Teeth and the Planet Debuts on Kickstarter

LogoMillions of plastic toothbrushes enter landfills every year and stay there despite recycling programs already in place; the recycling process itself can be polluting. Recyclers find it difficult to separate recyclable from nonrecyclable plastics, which causes the product – like a plastic toothbrush - to be a useless addition to landfills.

Adidas X Parley Go Extra Mile in the Fight Against Marine Plastic Pollution with the Launch of Limited-Edition Smart Water Bottle REBO

LogoBuilding upon the success of Run For The Oceans in 2019, Adidas X Parley go an extra mile in the fight against marine plastic pollution with the launch of a limited edition smart water bottle.

Indie Producer Paul Collett Launches Kickstarter for the Supernatural-Thriller "Hell Hole"

LogoWith movie theaters closing or already closed and a sudden drought in new movies and TV shows available for streaming due to Covid-19, the pending release of Hell Hole is a welcomed addition to America's entertainment choices.

The Most Innovative Fintech Will Not Be Found at CES but All over Las Vegas This Week

LogoPioneer Online Broker ChoiceTrade Running Pop Up Demos All Over Sin City

ChoiceTrade Holdings Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Expansion Offerings

LogoA Micro-Investing app, crypto security token trading and secondary market trading of private equity securities are all in the works.

REBO: The World's First Water Bottle That Cleans the Planet as People Drink Launched on Indiegogo

LogoEverywhere you look there's plastic. We use it and throw it away from the early morning when we eat a cup of yogurt for breakfast, when we eat a takeaway lunch, or drink a bottle of water. Plastic production is estimated to double in the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050(1). Water bottles are a special case. They are consumed at an alarming rate of 1 million bottles per minute worldwide. This is true even in countries like Switzerland where tap water from the Alps is of the highest quality. The problem with plastic is that when not properly disposed, it ends up polluting the planet. Plastic waste washes up on the shores of distant islands off-limits to the public. It appears in the stomachs of fish and birds. It is estimated that if we continue consuming plastic at this rate by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans (1). "Winning the battle against plastic waste is in our hands" comments PierAndrea Quarta, Founder and CEO of REBO. "We are running out of time to stay still and wait for someone else to solve our problems. REBO puts technology in your hands to make an impact while you drink."