Excaliber Enters Social Media Space as Consumer-Friendly Alternative to Big Tech

LogoUp until now users were at the mercy of big tech firms running the world's most popular platforms when it came to privacy and censorship. From Twitter suspending Mary Ann Mendoza, an angel mom who lost her son to an illegal alien in 2014, for criticizing Kamala Harris to Facebook banning an iconic Led Zeppelin album cover and the word "honk" to the deployment of Google and Facebook tracking codes keeping tabs on the porn habits of millions of people, the world has had enough. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak simply stated "…my recommendation is — to most people — is you should figure out a way to get off Facebook."

Startup GOffee Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Fuel Growth of Their on-Demand Coffee Delivery

LogoWe live in magical times when going online can conjure a clean home, dry cleaning and cooked food from an array of cuisines. But what about coffee? The most important beverage among legions of office workers across America was left out of the mix. Enter: GOffee. GOffee is the first coffee company to deliver the same drink anyone would order from their favorite coffee shop. GOffee offers companies a low-cost yet powerful way to keep employees happier, engaged and more productive.

Investors Are Invited to Explore Lettuce Networks; Leading the Local Food Revolution in Delivering Very Special Meal Kits Neighborhood by Neighborhood

LogoAmericans today get their food from a supply system that is nearly 100 years old and woefully out of date. That's because much of the food we eat travels hundreds or perhaps thousands of miles from where it was grown to where it is wanted. This waste tremendous amounts of energy, compromises its freshness and nutritional quality and creates packaging waste that's filling up our landfills and contaminating our oceans.

New Social Media Network Excaliber Launches with Unparalleled Privacy & Security

LogoIn an age when searching for a summer chicken recipe leads to an explosion of cooking and food advertisements minutes later, Excaliber is the social network with a surprise. That's because Excaliber is a private social media platform with zero advertising, no ad tracking along with total privacy, security and freedom of speech.

ChoiceTrade Holdings Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand Product and Service Offerings

LogoUnlike most equity crowdfunding campaigns that seek to raise capital to fund an idea and bring it to market, ChoiceTrade is already a proven, revenue-generating company. ChoiceTrade is a Fintech company and an SEC-registered online broker-dealer. The company is self-sustaining by virtue of its existing retail brokerage operations, with customers transacting in U.S. stocks, options and ETF's. Its customer base is diverse and spans the United States and over 100 countries worldwide. Their business is highly scalable at marginal incremental cost leading to high profit margins.

Braun Medical Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund New Urgent Care Centers

LogoEverywhere we turn it seems a new urgent care center is there. This relatively young branch of medical care has become a necessary bridge between waiting days or sometimes weeks to keep a doctor's appointment or hours in an emergency room. Along with immediate medical relief, patients and insurance companies are getting quicker results in the form of lower medical expenses.

360 Textile Technologies Celebrates Crowdfunding Success With V-TEX: The Ultimate Waterproof Vegan Nanotech Shoes

LogoV-Tex Waterproof Shoes Enjoys the Success of 400% Funding on Kickstarter and going strong.

California Woman Steps Forward and Expands the #MeToo Movement to Take on a Bank via Crowdfunding

LogoEvelyn is a small business owner in Ventura County, California. During a financing application process for her business, the bank vice president in charge of the financing negotiation sexually assaulted Evelyn.

BumBee Designs Incorporated Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for the Bumbee Seat

LogoFor many years there have been mobile mechanics seats and creepers in the marketplace. The rolling seat designs allow an individual to roll around a car while seated at an average seat height. The creeper designs allow an individual to position themselves on their back and roll under a car for servicing. Additionally, there have been various rolling garden seat designs in the marketplace that typically have large wheels and that can be very heavy and don't provide adequate range of motion to provide comfort from different angles, especially when one needs to be on their knees, which could lead to health and safety concerns.

Buki Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for Their Disruptor Clothing Line

LogoConsumers have become accustomed to having it all, whether it's the cars they drive, the phones they use, the food they eat and, indeed, the clothes they wear. US fashion trends have undergone a fundamental shift to the casual, driving a growing leisure market to the chagrin of formal wear retailers of who scramble to cater to this shift in fashion as sales in suits, slacks and sports jackets plunge.