Design Stalwart Brand3d Is Crowdfunding to Meet Unprecedented Market Demand

LogoEstablished tech firm in business ten years with 100K corporate clients prepares for growth burst.

Avimesa Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Grow Remote Industrial Monitoring Tech

LogoThe "Information Age" will never be history, but Avimesa is a startup making history thanks to their universal approach to capturing data through sensors of all sorts, including thousands never intended for information gathering. That's the 30,000-foot view of Avimesa's Industrial Internet of Things.

Tech Startup Camdog Raising Capital on WeFunder to Grow Their Next-Generation Security Company

LogoFirst of its kind AI-based video surveillance helps customers minimize theft & vandalism while preventing intrusions.

Used Cars Industry Disruptor Automatic Shatters $1 Million Mark in Equity Crowdfunding Raise

LogoAutomatic surpassed $1 million in capital raised from nearly 1,000 investors just yesterday, an achievement only 2% of equity crowdfunding campaigns ever achieve according to SEC statistics. The company's WeFunder campaign has gained the attention of investors and analysts alike who have assessed Automatic's capital raise as above average in terms of momentum.

Crowdfunding Industry Leader Crowdfund Buzz Celebrates Nine Years in Business

LogoCrowdfund Buzz founder Matt Cooke could never have imagined what he started back in October 2012 when he launched Crowdfund Buzz to help crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. raise more money faster.

Austin City Limits Festival Returns This Weekend to Zilker Park Welcoming Tens of Thousands of Fans

LogoAs live events like Austin City Limits, NFL, MLB, MLS and Broadway come back, festivalPass announced that it has made available over 80,000 live events on its platform to be accessed by its unique subscription live events model.

GoSun Launches New Solar Power Products Empowering People with Easy Access to Clean Energy

LogoPortable power is becoming increasingly popular due to outdoor activities like camping, boating, and tailgating. Then there's the urgent need for natural disaster victims to have the ability to charge a phone, light up a dark room, keep food cold and fresh, cook that food and even have access to clean drinking water. GoSun's existing product line already does all this. Their new products – The SolarEnergy Power 550 and Power 1100 - expands consumer access to portable power.

Axle Ai Announces Acquisition of Noscos, Face Recognition Technology Startup

LogoBoston-based axle ai, the software company enabling remote work for video teams, announced that it has acquired Noscos, a developer of AI/ML solutions for video and images based in Riga, Latvia. Backed by Overkill Ventures, Noscos has developed groundbreaking face recognition and logo recognition software tools, as well as intuitive user interfaces for training these tools on large datasets. While axle ai had previously developed its own in-house face recognition libraries and also worked with Microsoft's Video Indexer technology, they chose to first partner with Noscos and then acquire the company, its developers and IP based on the clear advantages of Noscos's solution. Noscos's cofounder Arturs Sprogis, PhD is joining axle as Senior R&D manager, heading up a merged team of developers based primarily in Latvia.

Selfin Raising Money via Crowdfunding for Anti-Facebook Social Media Platform

LogoSelfin is a privacy-focused social network that shows users what they want to see and pays people to be social influencers. Privacy means that a user's data is theirs alone and not a commodity to be bought, sold, or shared. Every feature Selfin delivers gives users total control of their private information while enabling them to engage with the content they want to see.

Video Innovator Seeking Capital via Equity Crowdfunding to Expand Operations & Offerings stands out in the equity crowdfunding arena for several reasons; chief among them is that this is a company generating strong revenue. Their client list is impressive, consisting of notable organizations including NBC Universal, Warner Bros, the NY Yankees, and In N'Out Burger among hundreds of other paying customers.