Missionary Worker Charles Guerber Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Build a Cistern for Children in the Mountains of Haiti

LogoThe objective of this fundraiser is to help Charles Guerber raise $4,500 to build a cistern for this group of children in Haiti.

Creator and Project Lead Seeks Support from Indiegogo to Start the Production of 'The Wedg - Private and Secure Email and Cloud Storage'.

LogoThe Wedg is a secure online and off-cloud email and storage solution for home or office. The Wedg takes the benefits and accessibility of the cloud and brings it right in to user’s hands. The Wedg connects to the Internet and sits where users can see it, providing a full email and storage solution accessible from anywhere around the world.

Team of Passionate Gamers from Switzerland Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Develop Arcane Souls

LogoArcane Souls is a venture from a team of passionate gamers from Switzerland, who had always a dream. From an early age, their dream was to develop their own video game. Half a year ago, they decided to realize this dream. As a team, they have been intensively working since one year on their topic. They were inspired by the games of Nintendo 64 and Playstation.

MAHSRA Seeks Funding Assistance via Indiegogo for Their Upcoming Project 'You Are Not Alone'

LogoAs one of the founding goals the Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association – MAHSRA is to be of humanitarian assistance to the needy and most vulnerable persons especially in their hour of desperation. It has been a regular custom for them to organize, donate and spend some time with the sick and the societal disadvantaged persons during particular periods of the year since 2006.

Tara Whitewood Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start Implementing Relationship Coaching with a Twist of Irreverence

LogoThere was a serious lack of real, practical strategies in the field of relationship coaching. The so called ‘experts’ were middle aged conservatives who looked like librarians and had never been in a relationship.

Designer Babatunsin Olukunle Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Develop Small Business Scheduler

LogoBabatunsin Olukunle is hoping to get a great product into the hands of those who need it. He is trying to develop a scheduler program that most small business can use for about $20 per copy. Online schedulers charge between $1,000 to $100,000 to use their product. The product proposed by Babatunsin can compete with more expensive schedulers by offering a price that is affordable.

Group of Students from Latvia Look to Launch Their New Smartphone App 'Eventula' with Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoEventula is designed for the SmartPhone users that helps people find parties and other cultural events.

SingWith Limited Create an Interactive Music Service Through a Unique Mobile and Web Platform with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoSingWith created the ultimate Music User experience: Users can infinitely customize their favorite songs and create their own versions in the SingWith virtual recording studio without any special music equipment.

Victor Vega Looks to Fund a Charity Startup for Military Veterans via Go Fund Me

LogoVictor Vega is a United States Marine Corps veteran. Being a disabled veteran himself, he knows the difficulties and hassles that come with trying to receive a small amount of assistance and support from the government, even less now that many things have been cut back and reduced for Veterans, Current Active and Reserve Military, and their families.

David LeTourneau Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for His Upcoming Film 'The Patsy'

LogoIn the early 1950's, an intelligence operation was underway that involved teenagers. These teenagers had parallel but separate lives, often living near each other. The "Ultimate Goal" was, in the future, to switch their identities if needed.