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Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Announces New Prescription Diet to Boost Metabolism

LogoKeeping the metabolism active and balanced during a low calorie diet is imperative. If the body's metabolism slows, not only will weight loss be hindered, but it can actually become impossible. The conundrum is that eating less can slow the metabolism, but in order to lose weight effectively, reduced food consumption is the most effective method. For those looking to begin a low calorie diet plan without the usual dip in metabolism, Diet Doc offers new prescription diets to boost metabolism.

Diet Doc Now Offers FDA Approved Injectable Saxenda for Weight Loss

LogoMarketed under the name, Saxenda, Liraglutide, an injectable diabetes drug, was approved by the FDA in 2014 to treat those patients who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. After a one year study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reports reveal that the drug is, in fact, effective in treating uncontrolled weight gain, with study subjects losing an average of 18 pounds over a one-year period. Although many insurance companies initially hesitated to approve Saxenda for weight loss, the drug is now being prescribed by physicians across the country for overweight patients who have a body mass index of 30 or greater or patients with a body mass index of 27 accompanied by one other weight related condition, such as high blood pressure.

Diet Doc Now Helps Patients Eliminate Carbohydrates and Lose Weight Without Feeling Tired and Hungry

LogoEven the most well-intentioned dieter will be tempted to succumb to the uncontrollable urges to reach for their favorite high carb foods while dieting, oftentimes, so overwhelming that they totally abandon their goal of ever reaching their ideal weight. Diet Doc understands these challenges and, for this reason, qualified patients can incorporate one or more of the company's specially formulated diet products that help them over the initial weight loss hurdles and show them how to eliminate carbohydrates and lose weight without feeling tired and hungry.

Diet Doc Announces Their Best Belly Blaster Diet to Date

LogoOver 25,000 Diet Doc patients recently took part in an in-house survey, which included questions about the safety, side effects, effectiveness and ease of use of the company's revolutionary belly blaster diet plans. The majority of those patients reported trimming their waistline and melting 20 or more pounds per month from the hard to reach areas, labeling Diet Doc's unique belly blaster diet plans a safe, comfortable and quick way to blast belly fat without side effects.

Diet Doc Explores the Principles of the Military Diet and Other Fast Weight Loss Methods

LogoWith the vast number of diet plans available to Americans, it is difficult to reconcile the fact that almost one-third of the country's population falls into the overweight, or even, obese category. Never before have so many proven methods of weight loss been available to the public, yet people continue to gain weight and get fatter. One reason to be considered may be that dieters are simply choosing the wrong diet for their needs.

Diet Doc Offers Solution to 25,000 Deaths Yearly Due to Sugary Drinks

LogoWith new sugary drinks reaching the market nearly daily, America has found itself in the midst of an epidemic. The result of the proliferation of more and more sugar consumption by Americans, much of which comes from soft drinks and other sugar-packed beverages, is now thought to be over 25,000 deaths yearly. The study, conducted by researchers at Tufts University in Boston, started with the number of deaths and disabilities from diabetes, heart disease, and cancers; then they examined 62 dietary surveys of more than 600,000 people across 51 countries from 1980 to 2010. Using meta-analyses of other published evidence on the harms of sugary beverages, they were able to calculate the direct impact on these chronic, deadly diseases. In an effort to help Americans break the addiction to soda and other highly sweetened beverages, weight loss provider Diet Doc has introduced comprehensive, doctor managed diet plans without the expensive doctor's visits.

Diet Doc Focuses on the Difference Between Their Medical Diet Plans and Fad Diets

LogoAnyone who has lost weight or attended a nutrition class can claim to be a dietary expert and create a weight loss blog or even a fad diet. As difficult as it is to believe, many people actually fall prey to ridiculous theories and fad diets, such as the Cookie diet, the Cereal diet, or the miracle weight loss powder diet. And, while it is fairly simple to recognize the outrageous claims of many fad diets, even some of the most well-known diets can lack critical components. One such diet, for example, allows patients the freedom to eat as much bacon and fried chicken as they desire, without mentioning the effects of increased cholesterol and heart attack risk. Another requires either a degree in mathematics or that their dieters carry a points card wherever they go. And, while these diets may be initially effective for some patients, the truth is that common sense is often overlooked when searching for the best diet plan. For this reason, Diet Doc combined decades of scientific and nutritional research with the most modern understanding, the most up to date technology and a staff of experts who are specially trained in the art and science of safe and fast weight loss, enabling the company to become a reliable and trusted staple in the industry.

Diet Doc Distinguishes the Differences Between Their Diet Plans and the Whole 30 Diet

LogoOne of the newest dietary trends, referred to as the Whole 30 Diet, is promoted more as an approach to redefine the patient's relationship with food, rather than a weight loss diet. It asks patients to take a hard look at sustainability, qualify of life, the relationship between food addictions and health, the value of sleep and the validity of hormonal imbalances that may be promoting weight gain, enabling those who stick with it to establish new relationships with food and redefine the sacred act of eating. But, because Whole 30 dieters must eliminate entire groups of potentially important and nourishing foods, such as legumes, grains and dairy, the diet should be supervised by a weight loss expert. Patients find the challenge of the Whole 30 diet not in restricting calories, but rather overcoming and redefining eating patterns and lifestyle goals.

Diet Doc Offers New Solution to Weight Gain over 40

LogoAs people age, their ability to lose weight becomes increasingly compromised. Most women over 40 have experienced some amount of perpetual weight gain, as hormones and metabolism begin to naturally wane. One great solution to weight gain over 40 is rebalancing the body's hormones. These crucial hormones, mostly responsible for weight gain over 40, include estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and several other key hormones. Diet Doc knows that the trick to fighting weight gain over 40 is doctor designed programs specifically tailored to the individual, always focused on balancing hormones through powerful and effective weight loss tools like diet, exercise, and effective prescription diet aids. As one of the most successful medically supervised weight loss providers in the nation, Diet Doc now offers diet plans individually tailored for those trying to halt weight gain over 40.

Diet Doc Focuses on the Increased Prevalence of Weight Loss Surgery and Reasons Why Their Diet Plans Deliver Faster and Less Risky Weight Loss Results

LogoMany people, whose weight has gotten desperately out of control, are tempted to undergo weight loss surgery. Many feel that this is their final option to shed the dangerous and embarrassing excess weight that have carried around for a lifetime. They are excited that they can simply go to sleep and wake up thin. Unfortunately, this is not true. The truth is that weight loss surgery often requires a very lengthy and difficult approval process, as well as a painful recuperation with very slow weight loss results. And, while Diet Doc recognizes that many people have been successful with weight loss surgery, they also believe that this is a procedure that should be thoroughly examined and that prospective patients must consider: