Diet Doc Weight Loss

Diet Doc Announces Free Weight Loss for 5 Willing Participants

LogoAnyone who has ever tried to lose weight via a commercially- designed weight loss system knows that dieting can be quite expensive. Point-keeping regimens, frozen boxed meals, and specialty diet foods are all incorporated in the most popular for-sale types of weight loss plans, each with its own price range, most becoming fairly expensive. Already a leader in affordable clinical weight loss plans, Diet Doc feels that it's high time to help people lose weight for free, and thus has announced free weight loss to five clients willing to lose more than 40 pounds and document their transition.

Diet Doc Urges Consumers to Heed Warnings of Illegal and Dangerous Online hCG and Online Diet Pills

LogoWhile the worldwide web offers those in even the most remote regions of the country the opportunity to obtain merchandise that may otherwise not be within their grasp, the internet has also proven to be a dangerous and sometimes, even deadly, tool for consumers who are desperate to lose excess weight. Reports surface almost daily of the tragic stories of trusting consumers who have purchased diet products advertised to be hCG and online diet pills that have compromised their health and, many times, led to their untimely death.

Diet Doc's Specialized Diet Plans Focus on Helping Patients Reduce Stress and Anxiety to Control Stress-Induced Weight Gain and Abolish Emotional Eating Disorders

LogoDiet Doc's physicians are not primary care physicians. They have received specialized training in nutrition and are keenly aware of how external situations can influence a person's physical and emotional health, and how stress can tempt people to reach for foods that are comforting, allowing the brain to release hormones that temporarily calm the mind and body. Because of this special training, Diet Doc's doctors are more able to identify and address emotional eating disorders that may have led to dangerous and unwanted weight gain.

Diet Doc Focuses on Men's Health with Diet Plans That Include Unlimited Support Throughout

LogoAlthough weight is an issue for many men, it seems that most attention is focused upon helping women lose weight. A recent worldwide study revealed that women are 277% more likely to receive weight loss help than men. Martin Tod, CEO of Men's Health Forum, finds these figures shocking, especially since men "comprise three quarters of premature deaths from coronary heart disease and middle aged men are twice as likely as women to get diabetes". Martin also expressed his disappointment that most support groups, such as Weight Watchers, do not focus on Men's Health and are directed more toward women, with women comprising about 90% of all membership. Martin finishes by saying that "20.7 million men worldwide simply want to lose weight", but are finding it difficult to find a diet that includes support for men.

Diet Doc Introduces Hormone Therapy for Women

LogoWhile most are aware of the effects that post-menopause can have on aging women, many do not realize that hormonal imbalances can occur in women of all ages, with equal or greater devastation. Hormones play a very important role in women of all ages, affecting health and well-being. Hormonal fluctuations can impact a woman's mood, sexual desire, fertility and ovulation, all before menopause. With endless resources available, Diet Doc encourages women of all ages to pay attention to the signs of hormonal imbalance, and above all, seek professional medical advice when attempting to diagnose or treat hormonal imbalances. For those who wish to treat female hormonal imbalances without time consuming visits to local doctor's offices or clinics, Diet Doc offers hormone therapy for women, bringing medically supervised hormone therapy into women's homes across the nation.

Diet Doc's Medical Weight Loss Programs Include a Thorough Doctor Review to Identify the Real Reason for Uncontrolled Weight, Such as Stress-Induced Weight Gain

LogoWhen making the decision to lose excess weight, Diet Doc advises all of their patients to first speak with their doctor to identify the real reason for weight gain. A review of the system should be done to uncover cellular toxicity, internal imbalances and improperly functioning organs, as well as a thorough review of health conditions and prescription medications. This enables the doctor to get to the root of the problem and address any underlying issues, such as stress-induced weight gain, that may have been previously overlooked and may be causing weight gain or prohibiting weight loss. At Diet Doc, new patients consult face-to-face during a private online interview, which enables the doctor to get to know the patient prior to recommending diet plans that may include prescription diet products for the safest, fastest and most effective weight loss possible.

Diet Doc Announces Home Testosterone Testing Kits for Men

LogoHormonal imbalances can cause a myriad of internal and external issues for those suffering from them. While women are well aware of life changing hormonal imbalances like menopause, most men are unaware of not only the problems that low testosterone can cause or its related symptoms, but the pervasiveness of low testosterone in men over 40. Many reasons can cause low testosterone in men, so experts agree that doctor supervision should be sought before treatment for low T. By providing both doctor supervision with home testosterone testing kits, Diet Doc offers a comprehensive solution to treatment for low testosterone, all done safely from the comfort of home.

Because Diet Doc Offers Doctor-Designed, Medically Supervised Diet Plans, Many Patients May Qualify for Insurance Reimbursement for Weight Loss

LogoStanding true to their promises to help America conquer their obesity problem, insurance companies in 16 states of the country are now offering insurance reimbursement for weight loss by covering some or all of the cost of medical diet plans for clients with a BMI of 30 or greater or a BMI of 27 accompanied by one or more weight-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, severe back pain and osteoarthritis. This news certainly comes as a pleasant surprise to those who have struggled with weight control and, who may not, otherwise, have the means to participate in a medical weight loss treatment program.

Diet Doc's Diet Plans Include Education and Tools That Teach Patients How to Balance Carbohydrates and Proteins for Safe, Fast and Long Term Weight Management

LogoThousands of people are in search of the diet that will deliver the most weight loss in the shortest amount of time. Many subscribe to any internet ad advertising fad diets claiming to shed pounds and inches without any commitment from the dieter. Just take this pill, eat this food or sprinkle this powder on food and watch the pounds melt into thin air. Most people do realize, however, that a miracle weight loss strategy does not exist and that staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight long term does require commitment and dedication. It requires patients to learn how the body reacts to specific foods, how the body utilizes calories and how many to consume before it is too many. Because when more calories are consumed than burned for energy, the excess calories have no place to go. Therefore, they travel throughout the body in search of a place to nestle until called upon for energy. Slowly they accumulate in the most difficult to lose areas of the body, dangerously surrounding the internal organs and rearing their ugly head in the form of beer bellies, thunder thighs and love handles.

Diet Doc Offers a Great Way to Avoid Compulsive Snacking

LogoOften thought to be a no-brainer, the idea that compulsive snacking is a major cause behind uncontrollable weight gain is regaining traction in the media as of late. Medical Daily recently released an article detailing the diet devastation caused by compulsive snacking, relating to readers a new study from Queensland University of Technology which declares that "eating too frequently, especially when we're not hungry, is a major potential cause of weight gain." If compulsive snacking is the villain, then the Diet Doc diet plans are the hero, utilizing powerful prescription appetite suppressants, medically supervised by a team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists, to end compulsive snacking and help dieters nationwide avoid the perils of perpetual pigging out.