Software Development Resource

Oregon Tech Start-Up Harks Release of 39th Free Online Resource with DVD to MP4 Converter

LogoSoftware Development Resource or simply SDR has finally released their 39th landmark free software resource now open for public consumption in their website. The DVD to MP4 converters solves the inconvenience of bulky DVDs that aren't compatible with handheld and smaller viewing devices such as laptops and smartphones. This move will soon be followed by another milestone with their 40th release set soon.

SDR Extends Array of Converter Software, Adopts MOV File Conversion Tool

LogoSoftware Development Resource or simply SDR finally extends their free software resource by accommodating the known MOV file format from popular software developer and hardware manufacturer Apple. The new converter is still free and will remain free forever.

Tech Startup, SDR Releases Fun Love Quotes Generator for General Audience

LogoAfter a series of highly useful day to day  and leisure software releases in the past few weeks, Software Development Resource introduces another innovative release called the free love quotes generator for their audience. This program is still free and has numerous other functions suitable for daily use.

SDR Updates YouTube Converter Series Now with MP3 Function

LogoAfter the much sought after YouTube converter series comes another YouTube to MP3 converter from esteemed tech-startup SDR or Software Development Resource. The new program has an extended capability of transforming any type of YouTube online video into an mp3 file format so it can play in most players supported today.

New DVD to AVI Converter Released by Oregon-Based Tech Company

LogoDVD is still default technology when it comes to cd technology, as it's preferred by many direct to video media options for home technology use due to its greater flexibility, durability and storage. AVI on the other hand is Microsoft's own container format, that leads its own segment of the market. The new and free DVD to AVI converter technology released by Software Development Resource can help out those wanting to cross the bridge over this two format giants.

SDR, Oregon-Based Budding Software Developer Company Launches Its Own DVD Ripper Tool

LogoSoftware Development Resource or SDR for short introduces their own ripper program for the widely used DVD format. DVD has been seen as the refinement of the more limited CD and has since been used.

Local Tech Company Initiates FLV to MP4 Initiative for Easier Multi-Platform Viewing

LogoSDR releases another software that can easily convert any FLV file into the more advanced MP4 format all for $0. FLV formats are less common [despite the Adobe brand backing] and as such more difficult to open as compared to the more popular MP4 format with no major company backing but majorly supported due to connection with ISO. The free FLV to MP4 converter is now available in their Downloads section gallery.

SDR Solves WMV Player Problems for Non-Windows Users with Free Software Release

LogoGood news for Apple and other OS users, SDR has recently released a free WMV player that can instantly play any Windows related type files that are only compatible to Windows OS users and those with Windows Media Player as local media player. This is the company's way of bridging users from across the globe with unique and unifying software programs.

SDR, Proud to Release One Size Fits All Free Audio File Converter

LogoSDR [short for Software Development Resource] has finally announced launching of their free audio converter that can handle not just single file extension conversion but numerous file types all at the same time. “This has been a welcomed development considering that we have been only releasing one to one converter series before this update. Our team has really worked hard to see where things will push through and able to forecast an all in one solution for such cases,” says Steven Coluido, president of Software Development Resource

Software Development Resource, SDR, Now Has a Free SWF Player

LogoSDR releases a powerful reader program for a rare file type called SWF. The free swf player handles swf files which are created by Adobe. It is closely related to the Adobe FLV format but normal FLV players won't be able to play it.