Software Development Resource

SDR Reveals Own Powerful Version of a RAR Extractor, Still Free of Charge

LogoSDR reveals the third free software resource they have added to their current lineup on CNET Download center. This is their new Free RAR Extractor Software. Software Development Resource President Steven Coluido has this to say: “Our team has been most successful in providing free software resources to the public since our launch earlier this year, in fact to strengthen our current CNET standing, this third release will add up to our current strong lineup. Our number software on CNET is our CDA to MP3 converter now with 15, 120 downloads and counting”.

SDR Develops Second Free Software Featured on CNET: An MP4 File Converter

LogoAfter the first release on CNET featuring an AVI file converter directly into MP4, Software Development Resource launches second free software that does the function vice versa. The MP4 to AVI converter runs smoothly with drag and drop features that even first time users will find it easy to use.

Software Development Resource Releases Final CNET Lineup Update with Free Keylogger Software

LogoFor its final release update on CNET, Software Development Resource announces their free Keylogger software ready for downloads beginning November. SDR will continue to keep tabs of continuing development after this release so they can improve current lineup or possibly introduce more software options before the year ends.

SDR Strengthens Partnership with CNET with New Free Downloads of Their AVI File Converter

LogoSoftware Development Resource recently strengthened its partnership with CNET, one of leading web-based download sites and tech-related review center. SDR has released four new free software versions on the platform beginning with their free AVI to MP4 converter. The product was released on their website last October 8 and went live on CNET just this October 27. It can handle any AVI files for easy conversion into the more supported MP4 format.

Software Tech Startup Announces Installment to Free Software Give-Away - Mkv to Avi Converter

LogoSoftware tech-startup Freedom Software Company releases their second free give-away this week with their mkv to avi converter. This is an easy to use converter with drag and drop capabilities. Their newly-built team is still looking for new members for expansion in Europe next year, 2015.

Freedom Software Company Scores Partnership with Cnet for Their Free XPS Converter

LogoFreedom Software Company or simply FSC, scores partnership with leading download and tech online hub CNet as their official carrier for their free XPS to PDF converter. CNet editors have also scored the software 3.5 stars with a very good rating and 3 star votes from users who have downloaded and tried it. It's currently on version 2.1 with official 140,532 downloads as of this writing. It's currently available on all Windows OS from XP to 8.

FSC Excels with Another Free Offering in Updated MKV File Converter

LogoFreedom Software Company experiments with another free product release from their talented team of expert developers in their third free give away of the month. It features the mkv to mp4 converter to help video enthusiasts reach a better audience with a more mainstream choice of file format in today's internet exchanges. The new release is developed by Scott Straub.

California Software Startup Releases First Software Give-Away with Free MKV Player

LogoFSC or Freedom Software Company, a startup California-based group of software developers creating unique software solutions starts giving away free software products for their prospective clients' perusal. First in their list is a free MKV player for the MKV or much commonly referred to as Matroska file, a free for all container format file in direct competition with other more mainstream formats including Windows WAV and Apple's AIFF.

Oregon Tech Start-Up Celebrates Milestone 40th Free Software Release Plus Partnership with Premier Download Hub - CNET

LogoSoftware Development Resource or much commonly known in the industry as SDR has finally released their 40th free software program release. Steven Coluido, president and owner told press about this achievement: “Our global team is very proud to have aimed and claimed the 40th milestone for our company with the current release of our landmark free virtual wifi router which also coincides with our partnership with tech-downloads publisher giant CNET.”

SDR Releases New WAV to MP3 Converter Still Free for All

LogoSoftware Development Resource releases a free alternative to WAV converters with their very own version of a fully built WAV to MP3 converter software. With their standing tradition of simplicity and functionality, the program comes with their trademark easy to use drag and drop capability with a user interface that even beginners would be able to handle with relative ease. It only currently supports WAV files for conversion into the more supported MP3 format.