Software Development Resource

SDR Releases Visionary Codec to MP3 Format Converter

LogoSDR [Oregon's own Software Development Resource] announces upcoming new software converter that handles any Flac to MP3 format. Following the company's standing tradition of producing free software, this new release is also obtainable with no charges.

Oregon-Based Software Company Enters Image Rendering Conversion Scene with Free App

LogoSoftware Development Resource or simply SDR has finally entered the image rendering and conversion scene by introducing a new yet still free program called PNG to ICO converter.

Local Tech Software Excites User-Base with New Free MKV Converting Software

LogoSoftware Development Resource, Oregon-based software developing startup, teases with an experimental converter called MKV to AVI which does instant conversion of open source .mkv files to the more popular and supported .avi files.

Local Tech Software Excites User-Base with New Free Software with IP Address Scanning Capability

LogoSDR [or Software Development Resource] creates a free IP scanner and freely hosts it in their website: so any viewer can just download it while visiting. With this new addition to their free resources, they encourage downloaders to try their more customized options by contacting their 24/7 customer support representatives.

SDR Announces Launch of Rare MKV Player; Makes It Free for All Like Matroska's Vision

LogoSoftware Development Resource [acronym: SDR] has released another rare piece of software that most programmers and avid video enthusiasts clamor for, good news: it's free. It's their mkv player that plays any type of .mkv and related file from Matroska, a non-profit organization geared towards a freer media framework.

SDR, Oregon-Based Software Startup, Gives Away Free Software; Assures Secured Downloads

LogoSoftware Development Resource ups the game by releasing a new program called ePub reader for frequent voracious readers. The program takes away the strain of reading any online book material by providing a way to read using the standard file extension for free and open e-book files as mandated by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

Software Development Resource Edges Competition, Produces Free EPUB to PDF Converter

LogoSoftware Development Resource, or SDR for short, declares a new file converter release. Key thing to understand with this epub to pdf file converter is convenience. Most competitors host online converters. There could be internet access almost anywhere today but SDR steps up convenience a notch higher by providing a ready to use program that can be used even without internet connection, for times that people have to be on the go or there's simply just no connectivity.

Software Startup SDR Offers Free Barcode Generator for Small to Medium Enterprises

LogoSoftware Development Resource [shortened version: SDR] sees the opportunity in every nook and cranny that involves software development which is why their recently released barcode generator currently available pro bono is a living testament to that. Seeing the universality of such fixtures in daily consumer lives, obtaining it free of charge is a charity on its own.

Local Software Company Offers More Freebies; Adds Word Generator to Extensive App Library

LogoSDR (Software Development Resource) has been serious about their business methods since inception but a lot of stuff that happens behind the software development phase  isn't always strictly serious. To sample the team's capability to handle every single type of software, they have recently released another addition to their app library. The call it a Word Generator and it does what it claims to do.

New Software Company, SDR, Releases Free CDA to MP3 Converter

LogoSoftware Development Resource or simply SDR introduces a new CDA to mp3 converter program. The company just opened recently and now hosts dozens of free to download software products that are good for daily use. Their team of experts still make time to produce more in the coming months despite customized software orders from various clients.