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Tech Startup, SDR Makes Free Youtube Converter Application, Available to Public

LogoSoftware Development Resource introduces their free YouTube to mp4 converter for avid video watchers. Steven Coluido, president of the company, argues the availability of internet in most markets as a hindrance to complete viewing. He shares that having an instant converter of videos hosted at the website converted into one of today's most omnipresent platforms [mp4] is a better way of watching videos on demand.

Software Development Resource Now Offering Hassle-Free MP4 Player; Explores Social Media

LogoSDR, shortened to Software Development Resource, is an Oregon-based startup that capitalizes on the free market to digitally produce all purpose applications that boost online and offline productivity. Latest product in their lineup of freebies include a MP4 Player which can play any type of video or audio format directly coming from any source.

SDR, New Tech Company, Updates User Community with Free PDF Converter

LogoSDR [Software Development Resource], releases free PDF to EPUB converter to cater to needs of readers in need of the more commonly used standard format for most tablets which has the .epub file extension.

Local Software Solutions Company Releases Updated Ebook File Converter for .MOBI Files

LogoSoftware Development Resource released an update to their ebook file converter family of applications through the new [and still free] mobi to pdf converter. This app can easily handle conversion for users who like to read on the pdf format instead of the limited mobi format  that works best on smaller handheld devices such as mobile phones.

New Tech-Player, Software Development Resource (SDR), Publishes New Free Mobi to EPUB Converter

LogoSDR or Software Development Resource launches a new product into their already extensive arsenal of free programs. It is called mobi to epub file converter which is entirely great for readers of ebooks who want to unify all their filetype into one accepted and standard version such as the EPUB.

Startup Software Company -SDR- Stays Competitive with Their New QR Code Generator Up for Free

LogoWith the advent of smartphones and its meteoric rise ahead of its cousins – desktops and tablets – SDR took the opportunity to release its own QR Code generator which is useful for developers and those who use a lot of their modern phone features for marketing efforts.

Local Software Company Updates MOBI Converter with Reverse EPUB Converter to Meet Full Circle; Gets Raves from Real Customers

LogoSDR (Software Development Resource) has recently released their free MOBI to EPUB converter, now they bring forth an updated version which does the process in reverse from EPUB to MOBI converter for device users more familiar with MOBI files.