Software Development Resource

Software Development Resource [SDR] Packs a Better MPEG Series Converter

LogoSDR updates their MPEG file format converter series with a vice-versa tool. They released their MP4 to MP3 converter to help users still accustomed to using the simpler MP3 format that is still widely in use today.

Software Development Resource Updates Software List with a New MKV to MP4 Converter

LogoSDR releases another software that can easily convert any MKV file into the more advanced MP4 format all for $0. The company has been proud to always release free resources crafted by their dedicated team of developers and engineers. SDR also accepts customized orders as long as specifications are given for any project. Steven Coluido has always been proud of the way their company heads into competition. His remarks proves it as he says “There is no other software company in Oregon [or perhaps elsewhere] that has done what we have achieved in just a course of months – release numerous free to use and diverse software options. We are set to produce more for weeks and months to come.”

Local Software Developer Launches New Audio Converting Tool for M4A and MP3 Files

LogoSDR [Software Development Resource] releases new converter software with their free M4A to MP3 converter. This continues their tradition of releasing dozens of batches of free software to help customers and interested individuals have a taste of their team's wide array of capabilities when it comes to software development.

Software Development Resource Excited to Announce a Free RAR File Opener Tool

LogoSDR launches their own RAR file opener to the public effective this week. The company aims to challenge industry leaders that often always present problems whenever any file extraction is done. “This file opener is an easy to use tool that can compete with today's most rar opening and zip creating platforms and one of the only difference is price, ours is pro-bono,” stays Steven Coluido, president of Software Development Resource

Local Software Developer Adds Another Free Converter Resource in Their Lineup

LogoSDR [Software Development Resource] releases new converter software with their free WMA to MP3 converter. The company is set to release more free converters in the future which are already in the works as of this writing.

Oregon-Based Software Company Releases Free MOBI Reader

LogoSoftware Development Resource updates its free software resource lineup and further refinement of their previous free book reader converters. The release of their free mobi reader makes it a better companion for Kindle readers who also want the idea of flexibility when reading across platforms.

New Free Software Marks 22nd Free Resource from Local Industry Changer - SDR

LogoSoftware Development Resource has recently released an addition to their software application product line-up. With their continuing tradition of free software resource, this MAC address changer is already the 22nd release and Steven Coluido, company president remarks: “there is more to come as we carve our way towards total recognition and branding identity and as our commitment grows, our software will remain meek and easy to use for everyone.”

SDR Announces Launch of Powerful FLV Player

LogoSDR [short for Software Development Resource] has finally released another filetype player in its rank of free to use and download apps after covering MKV, an FLV player is now also available. This file is made by Adobe and is usually very difficult to play for the not-so technologically inclined.

SDR's Free AVI Player Release Eradicates Need for Additional Codecs; Strengthens Social Media Visibility

LogoSoftware Development Resource or SDR for short, ventures into another free resource distribution with the release of their AVI player. They have already previously released a MKV to AVI player but for users who are still having problems playing AVI files, SDR has resolved the issue. SDR also taps help of major social media platforms to increase awareness and strengthen support for their free and customized software solutions.

New Tech Startup Releases New and Revolutionary Free Software Resource - .tiff Viewer

LogoSDR or Software Development Resource, moves the notch further by releasing another addition to their free software resource library called TIFF viewer . It can freely open a file rarely encountered so not every user has access to it while offering a host of other functions to increase user satisfaction.