Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

Odell Brewing Co. Cans Are Coming to Twin Peaks

LogoThe brewing company, founded in 1989 by Doug Odell, his wife Wynne, and sister Corkie, has been operating for over 30 years on a culture of family and collaboration. Their passion for beer is what inspires them to create quality, hand-crafted, innovative brews. Odell Brewing Co. takes pride in pioneering developments made in their beer styles and brewing techniques. They strive to make each beer better than the last.

Million Dollar Highway Awaits

LogoRoad travelers exploring Colorado during the winter season may wish to visit Million Dollar Highway. The incredibly scenic highway also goes by the name U.S. 550 and is a must-visit for those with experience.

Coffee and Desserts Spots in Ouray

LogoAs the frigid winter temperatures continue, several different places in Ouray near Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs as well as beyond provide delectable bites and coffee to enjoy.

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs Welcomes Guests in 2021

LogoThe year 2021 is just around the corner. The Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs invites visitors to visit Ouray in 2021 and learn for themselves why the “Switzerland of America” is among the most picturesque and richly historic areas in the country.

Enjoy the Holidays at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

LogoLocated close to the San Juan Mountains, the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs acts as a bewitching backdrop as visitors relax and enjoy the holidays in their suite, ease the muscles in the hot springs, or re-energize in the spa. Whenever a visitor travels outside their hotel, the breezy atmosphere will fill them with the calm and quietness of the nearby Uncompahgre River.

Activities to Enjoy Near Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs

LogoOne example of this is the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway. For those curious to see what the past was like when locomotives relied heavily on coal and steam transporting cowboys, settlers, and miners, it's an exciting experience. On the journey in the wonderfully rugged mountains of the San Juan National Forest visitors will ride through some stunning, jaw-dropping canyons.

Reserving a Stay at the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

LogoTwin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs invites guests to experience the magic of Ouray. However, with travel restrictions and social distancing remain important, the hotel has implemented several procedures and policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smart AZ Minerals Announces the Launch of Its New Website

LogoSmart AZ Minerals welcomes customers to discover its collection of ionic mineral water aimed at maintaining essential body health.

Stay at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs in 2020

LogoThe Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs invites future visitors to discover Ouray in 2020 and learn for themselves why the “Switzerland of America” is a uniquely enchanting experience bursting history, picturesque sights, and lots of tranquility.

The Ghost Towns of Colorado

LogoPrior to Denver being given the distinction of becoming the capital of Colorado, George T. Lee was pleased that his Capitol City, founded in 1876, would become the capital of the state. Regrettably, the dreams of Lee did not come true. Given this, by visiting it, you can still see what the one-time capital candidate of Colorado looks like.