Author Seeks to Bridge Faith and Science

LogoMarthaJean, speaker and educator, lives on a quiet farm in Piedmont. She questions the dismissal of faith in the process of scientific discovery. Her Waking the Seer novel, the first in a trilogy, investigates the power faith plays on science and how such faith can save the world.

Debut Author Adds Adventure to Your 10-Year-Old's Summer Reading List

LogoDavid Bernstein of Buford, GA is proud to announce the release of his first novel, The King of Pawleys. As a lifelong beach bum and the father of three, he combines his nostalgic childhood memories with his love for the little-known Pawleys Island, SC to bring to life a gripping tale of mystery, adventure, and friendship.

Pilot Showcases Normandy Through Fresh Lens for D-Day Anniversary

LogoJune 6, 2018 marks the seventy-fourth anniversary of D-Day, where many brave young men landed ashore under fire and secured liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany's control. Seasoned pilot and avid photographer Dennis P. Klein captures the essence of Normandy in his stunning picture book, Normandy, 75 Years Later, in anticipation of the next year's seventy-fifth anniversary. Although Normandy is noted for its apple cider, Camembert cheese, cows, hedgerows, and stone farmhouses, the events of seventy-five years ago are what define the region today.

Author Pens Coming-of-Age Novel Packed with 90's Nostalgia and Hip-Hop

LogoFrom New Edition to Big Daddy Kane to A Tribe Called Quest, many of us can still vibe to hip-hop from the 80's and 90's. Author A.J. Kush has used his own roots, love of hip-hop, and experience as a mentor to craft his new coming-of-age novel Flicted. Set in the early 90's, his thirteen-year-old protagonist Dez not only draws inspiration from A.J.'s childhood influences, but his storyline also represents something deeper.

Author Pens Relatable Bilingual Bedtime Story

LogoZena Harris, mother of two daughters, dreams to bridge the gap between hearing and non-hearing children. She now publishes a perfect nighttime read, No Night Night. Zena takes advantage of the small things around her every day. Her two daughters are her main muses. In fact, Zena recounts that, "When they were small, they always tried to stay up past their bedtimes. Each one had a different way of avoiding it."

Experienced Short-Story Writer Releases Compelling New Collection of Tales

LogoDrawing inspiration from authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and Flannery O'Connor, J.J. Haas releases an engaging volume of original short stories titled Welcome to Sugarville, relying on a wry wit that explores each sinister twist and turn the human spirit has to offer. Haas has published short stories in a wide variety of magazines, including Shenandoah, Baen's Universe, and The Literary Hatchet.He has also published a collection of stories titled Searching for Nada. His new collection reads more like a novel, with each story intertwined with the next.

Ditch the Diet, Heal the Body and Mind

LogoHow common is it to have a harrowing lifelong relationship with food and body image? According to licensed professional counselor and certified eating-disorder specialist Becca Clegg, our culture of dieting has made it the norm. While many who have suffered from eating disorders have sought out her care, disordered eating is not unique to just those with a life-threatening mental illness. In a society wrought with ever-changing beauty standards and a plethora of diets that all promise to transform our bodies to fit a prescribed mold, it's difficult to not develop a strained and destructive relationship with food.

New Author Inspires Christians to Delve Deeper Into Their Faith

LogoDianne Reed was raised on a Christian foundation, but later discovered that her life lacked the spiritual intensity found in the stories she'd been surrounded with her whole life. It seemed as if her faith had become a mundane routine rather than the supernatural adventure she believed it could be. Unsatisfied, she began to wonder, "Could we make the walls of Jericho in our own lives come tumbling down? Jesus' disciples healed the sick, cast out demons, and raised the dead, yet most Christians I knew, including myself, couldn't heal a hangnail. Had something changed since then or was I, along with many others, missing something? Was there a better, more powerful way to live?" From Mediocrity to Magnificence covers Dianne's journey as she helps readers learn how to break the exhausting cycle of their everyday life and truly live as God called them to be: magnificent.

New Children's Book Illustrates the Importance of Healthy Habits

LogoNew author Marsha K. Nowakowski has found a fun and interactive way to get toddlers on the fast track to a healthy, happy childhood. Her new children's book series, Matt and Mattie's Adventures, stars two adorable toddler friends that are out to discover and understand the daily routines in their lives. Marsha was inspired by her experiences as a mother and a cardiac nurse, knowing that a positive attitude is key to leading a healthy, productive life. In the first book in the series, Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day!, she impresses upon her young readers important life skills, such as eating nourishing meals and brushing your teeth, through endearing characters, enjoyable illustrations, and easily understood lines.

Entrepreneur Reveals Rampant Employee Embezzlement

LogoEmbezzlement is not only common, it's an epidemic. Kessler International research has shown that 95 percent of employees steal in the aspect of time, surfing the web, material, and money. Seasoned entrepreneur Ruth King reveals this shocking truth in her latest book, The Ugly Truth about Cash. From her experience owning eight businesses in the past thirty-six years, she has ample stories to tell of the impact of theft on businesses and how to prevent it. Her current goal is to share this invaluable information with other business owners so that they can safeguard their businesses from embezzling employees and vendors.