Author Releases Riveting, Spiritual Volume of Poetry

LogoJoel Addison has always carried the gift of a unique creative perspective. As a young boy his grandfather encouraged him to keep a record of his thoughts although, at the time, "wanting to play ball" seemed more important. After seeing the ease from which his poetry flowed off his pen and the pleasure it gave to his readers, he decided to pursue the gift no holds bar. His recently released volume of poetry, The Psalms of Joel Volume IV, is a compelling collaboration of Addison's past, present, and unmoving faith.

New Author Vividly Illustrates the Art of Leadership

LogoDebut author John Slone has spent his entire career in management and encountered many different types of leaders in the corporate world. These interactions have led him to ask the question, "What is driving our behaviors, and how does it impact what kind of leader we become?" His book The Hidden You and Your Leadership Evolution takes a fresh new approach on business leadership that uses psychology and personality types to help readers analyze the motivations behind their behaviors and become leaders who know how to bring out the best in their employees to build a successful business.

Debut Author Provides a Lesson on Loss, Love, and Learning to Thrive Again

LogoBarbara Mangi was confronted with a tragedy that every mother dreads when her twenty-five-year-old daughter, Dana, was brutally murdered in 2007. As a result, she had to tackle an overwhelming grieving process that threatened her marriage, mental health, and overall joy.

Clever Children's Book Inspires Young Girls to Be Anything They Want to Be

LogoAuthor Janet Byington and illustrator Cheryl Hodge are two grandmothers who want to inspire and uplift their granddaughters. Their disappointing search for children's books sparked their interest in creating their own.

Nancy DeLaval Miller Opens Up About Her Battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder in New Book

LogoNancy Miller has a life that looks normal on the outside, but inside, she is struggling to overcome the traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse. Her most significant obstacle to overcome is her dissociative identity disorder and the thirteen unique personalities taking up space in her mind.

New Children's Book Illustrates Life's Simple Pleasures and Cherished Moments with Loved Ones

LogoNew author Alana Dorrell uses memories of her carefree childhood spent on her grandparents' farm in The Redlands, Florida to craft her debut book, Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask .... Alana has always had a close-knit relationship with her two sisters, Allie and Amy, and this book will be the first installment of her children's book series Wondrous Days of the 3 A's. With each book illustrating strong family bonds across the generations, Alana had a specific goal in mind for her series.

Experienced Retail Manager Releases Comprehensive Book on the Inner Workings of the Job

LogoNegusse Negash has over twenty-two years of experience in retail management of a major drugstore corporation, and he's spent fifteen years as an owner-operator of retail stores. He's compiled his management wisdom and retail expertise into his debut book, The ABCs of Retail Management, to give management students and anyone already in the retail industry crucial advice backed by research that some schools and businesses fail to give those seeking retail-management positions.

Family Doctor Writes a Comprehensive Guide to Taking Charge of Your Health

LogoSteven Marx Celestin, MD, is a board-certified family physician with over sixteen years of humble service to patients in New York and Georgia. Tell It to Me Straight, Doc is his debut book that exemplifies his career-long dedication to respecting the old-fashioned, patient-centered principles of the art of medicine. In the years of his practice, he has witnessed the work of well-liked and competent doctors, but grew concerned as he noticed colleagues spending hardly five minutes with their patients. By writing Tell It to Me Straight, Doc, Dr. Celestin hopes that patients will gain the courage, knowledge, and agency they need to have crucial conversations with their doctors.

Navy Veteran and Ordained Minister Releases an Inspirational and Captivating Memoir

LogoAfter relating many stories about his life's journey to those around him, Charles "Red" F. Remaley Jr. was finally convinced to write a memoir with the help of his daughter, Carol Johnson.

Airplane Enthusiast Shares His Greatest Aviation Experiences in Debut Book

LogoRon Pagano, a flight-test engineer for thirty-four years with the Hamilton Standard Division of the United Aircraft Corporation (now United Technologies Corporation), shares his lifelong love of aviation in his debut book, The Adventures of an Airplane Nut. While many books on aviation tell the stories of flight heroes and aces, Ron is passionate about telling his story as an average guy who caught a chronic case of flight fever. Having had the opportunity to fly in over one hundred different types of airplanes over the course of his life and career, Ron has ample material to express what it's really like to live life in the air and come back down to tell each incredible story.