Dr. D. Charles Williams Offers Valuable Information in New Self-Help Guide for Struggling Couples

LogoDr. D. Charles Williams, licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist, pens a four-stage recovery guide for couples suffering from infidelity. What's Done in the Dark: Affair-Proofing and Recovery from Infidelity provides couples with needed assistance to repair their relationship without the lavish costs of therapy sessions.

Susan McDonald Writes About the Adventures of Daily Life in Chaotic Yet Fascinating Shanghai

LogoThe year is 2003, and China has only recently begun allowing foreigners to live and work within its borders. One early resident is Adela, a young wife and new mother, who reluctantly accompanies her husband to his new job in Shanghai. Follow her amazing journey as she explores this teeming metropolis and gains the confidence and the skills she needs to build a good life for herself and her family in re-emerging China.

Discover How to Prioritize the People and Things That Matter Most in the Serenity Mindset

LogoThe Serenity Mindset, written by personal lifestyle coach and speaker Nancy M. Forbes, is a personal guide for establishing boundaries that intentionally prioritize the people and things that matter most. Having struggled and navigated through a trifecta of personal losses, Nancy learned how to still her mind, to recognize and accept what she could and could not change, and to patiently trust her spiritual guidance.

Attorney and Former Law Enforcement Officer Lance LoRusso Debuts New Book, Blue News

LogoAttorney and former law enforcement officer, Lance LoRusso, the acclaimed author of When Cops Kill and Peacemaking is launching a new book, Blue News (ISBN 9781610058537, BookLogix, 2016) on December 16. In Blue News, LoRusso shows how law enforcement tactics and the use of force by law enforcement draws media attention from around the world. The book shows the interaction that occurs between law enforcement and the news media after such high-profile events, the impact that this dynamic has in driving a narrative, and offers advice on how law enforcement should develop a communications strategy for such incidents that takes into account the delicate balance between the public's right to know and the need for a fair and impartial investigation of the use of force by law enforcement. LoRusso, who has appeared on CNN, FOX News, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and numerous other media outlets is considered a leading expert on law enforcement and shares his firsthand knowledge of not only law enforcement but the ways of the media in Blue News. Proceeds from the profits of Blue News will go to charities that support law enforcement.

Exit-Planning Expert Teaches Co-Founders How to Achieve a Successful Exit in New Book

LogoPatrick Ungashick is the CEO and founder of NAVIX Consultants, a national team that provides exit solutions to owners of small to mid-market size companies. Ungashick, who has been featured in a variety of publications including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Financial Week, has provided exit advice to businesses for more than 25 years. Knowing the value and specific need of this type of consulting, Ungashick has now written his second book on exit-planning, A Tale of Two Owners, releasing this November 30th.

Vietnam Vet Writes Fascinating Book on the First One Hundred Days as President

LogoIn No More, Dr. Thomas Masters, a Vietnam veteran, tackles some of America's toughest and most controversial issues. A Conservative and devout Christian, Dr. Masters, like many Americans, felt disillusioned by the current issues plaguing America. Dissatisfied with government, politicians, and the state of the nation, Dr. Masters felt he could make a valuable contribution by creating a novel that directly addressed many of these conflicts.

Inspirational Self-Help Book Brings Tears, Laughs, and Drama as It Rebuilds Confidence

LogoJourney Out of Fat, Dumb, and Ugly, a new book coming soon from Cherie Esteves, seeks to restore feelings of positivity and strong self-worth in both women and men who have suffered the effects of abuse.

Former Corporate Vice President Brings Meditation to the Workplace

LogoStress in the workplace is no new phenomenon. New methods for combating this stress, however, are causing business leaders to reevaluate and reprioritize long-term employee wellness. Christopher "Chase" Carey, who worked in corporate America for health insurance and consulting companies for over twenty years, saw firsthand the effects that stress had on employees. After studying at the Monroe Institute in Virginia and becoming a certified meditation teacher, Carey decided to bring his knowledge of meditation and stress-relief techniques back into corporate America.

Georgia Pastor's Exciting New Book Explores Faith and Human Nature in the Church

LogoRetired pastor and resident of Decatur Dr. Sharon Pike is releasing her new book, A Church in the Valley, this August. Having received a PhD in educational research prior to receiving her master's in divinity, Dr. Pike used her background in research and academia to give the novel a more authentic tone despite the fact that the names of the historic Georgia families mentioned within the novel are largely the product of her creativity.

Nature Comes to Life in New Children's Christmas Book

LogoThe inspiration for Emilie Eklin Khair's unique new children's book, Kudzu for Christmas, came from a very unlikely place— kudzu vines. Driving her two sons and their friends to school every day, Emilie began creating games to pass the time. She would point to the mounds of green that covered trees and electrical lines and ask the boys to identify the shapes. The game of finding imaginary creatures within the kudzu leaves was a carpool favorite.