Understanding Lean Startup Simplifies One of the Most Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Entrepreneurship

LogoWhile success stories within the startup community are at an all-time high, the learning curve for aspiring entrepreneurs is even higher. The newest, best process to plan a new startup is evidenced-based, a.k.a. lean startup, methodology. Despite quality works by pioneers such as Blank, Ries, Osterwalder, and others, many founders struggle to grasp the critical core aspects of the concept.

Life Through the Eyes of a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome

LogoIronically, author Samantha Craft first discovered she had Asperger's Syndrome while working toward her degree in Mental Health Counseling. Craft, whose second oldest son had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome over a decade prior, was all too familiar with the subject of autism. She'd studied, worried, and gone head-to-head with behavioral specialists and psychologists concerning her son's diagnosis. She'd even secretly suspected herself of having Aspergers. Yet months following her own diagnosis, she still wasn't prepared.