Working Mother of Four Creates Book Series to Teach Valuable Life Lessons to Little Ones

LogoSarah Cash was inspired by her childhood love of books with animal characters to create her own children's book series, Squeaky Tales. As a working mother of four small children, Sarah used her parental wisdom to craft short poignant tales that will engage young readers using loveable characters, expressive illustrations, and easily understood story lines.

New Author Pens Vibrant Children's Stories on Stars and Planets

LogoRoberto Jimenez has long had an interest in myths, legends, and natural phenomena that have either shaped the world we know today or held cultural significance and social meaning over time. The Journey to the Stars was written with the intention of establishing and preserving ancient tales and knowledge through the minds of little ones. By retelling stories of how the stars and planets were created in the form of bedtime stories and integrating magic with scientific and mathematic concepts, Jimenez hopes that these ancient ideas will continue to be passed down from generation to generation, and that his book will give children and their families an intellectual and imaginative experience.

Author Releases Adorable and Educational Book on Bird Hums and Habits

LogoAnne Kapler McCallum has loved bird-watching since she was a little girl peering out the window at birds from her childhood home in Cresco, Iowa. She used her lifelong passion to create her debut book, What Birds Do and Say. Her book serves as an ornithological primer for young children, but also for anyone who would enjoy a whimsical and charming lesson on birds.

Poetry Book Incorporates Home and Nature to Illuminate Life in Guyana

LogoStanley Niamatali's debut book, The Hinterlands, won the 2015 Guyana Prize for Literature for best first book of poetry. His second book of poetry, Mira and Other Poems of Guyana, is a continuation of his stunning work as he uses his homeland as the setting for Mira, a Chekhovian tale of horror and wonder.

Say Hello to Endearing Eccentrics and a Heavy Dose of Humor in Goodbye Bronx

LogoStephen Newfield has been sitting on the gem that is his debut book, Goodbye Bronx, for decades now. After uncovering a draft of the text in a drawer, he was determined to finally have it published. Stephen combines his zany sense of humor with a few life experiences to create this fictional tale of four New York bachelors who are fast approaching their late twenties, but far from giving up their haphazard schemes and carefree attitudes.

Patrick Ungashick Receives Axiom Business Book Award

LogoPatrick A. Ungashick, author and speaker, has been awarded a Silver Axiom Business Book Award in the Business Fable category for his book, A Tale of Two Owners: Achieving Exit Success Between Business Co-Owners.

A Courageous Chicken Chases Her Dreams in an Adorable Children's Book

LogoJacquetta Allison introduces us to an adventurous chicken named Caroline and all her farm animal friends in her debut book, The Chicken Who Wanted to be a Clown. As a mother of two grown children with twenty years of experience in the childcare industry, Jacquetta's book is not only meant to be cute, but it has a great message for young children.

Author Releases Uncanny and Thought-Provoking Artist Book

LogoThe Sweets of Home is the newest title from Rob Kovitz, creator of unusual and imaginative books that consist of texts and images collected from various sources, usually obsessively related to one or more themes. The Sweets of Home, which was originally commissioned by Dazibao Gallery in Montreal for an exhibition titled Home Sweet Home: À propos de l'inquiétude, consists of texts that contain the words: "home," "sweet," or "inquietude."

Author Sharon Pike Pens a New Collection of Short Stories Ranging Across Several Time Periods

LogoCrushed Shells offers readers a psychological escape from a fresh, new perspective. The issues at play throughout the stories vary from time and place. Read about happy and sad moments that life offers such as relaxing on the beach and the trials and tribulations of growing older.

Susan McDonald Pens a Novel About Adela Chavez's Experience of Life in the Fascinating City of Shanghai

LogoHave you ever wanted to visit China?